VOKKE streamline and simplify their EBS snapshot management with CloudRanger

While searching online for a solution to help with their AWS EBS snapshot management, VOKKE found CloudRanger. It became quickly apparent that CloudRanger offered the solution VOKKE were looking for by streamlining and simplifying their backup activities. VOKKE now use CloudRanger to automatically snapshot and rotate their EBS volumes by tag, as well as terminate servers at night when workloads are low.

VOKKE is a custom software development company based in Melbourne, Australia. VOKKE strives to deliver the very best cloud-based software to small businesses all around Australia by developing unique business processes that allow the delivery of custom, enterprise quality software for a highly competitive price.


Founded in 2014, VOKKE are a custom software development firm of less than 10 employees working with the IT and Services Industry. Their mission is to bring intelligent and high impact software into the broader business community. Based in Melbourne, Australia, VOKKE focuses on building custom software for businesses in various industries such as professional services including financial planning, mortgage broking and healthcare, as well as startups such as prototyping and MVP design and research projects including university-funded research.

Through a diverse team of professional engineers and analysts, VOKKE are able to offer high impact solutions and custom software to businesses both large and small.

Business Challenge

VOKKE have been operating for three years and have had incredible growth over this period. As a result, a considerable amount of time was spent creating backups. The key to their offering to clients is being able to deliver their custom software to their broad client base without compromising on security and networking best practice. As users of Amazon Web Services, tasks including shutting down EC2 servers, creating EBS volume and EC2 snapshots were carried out manually or left to error-prone, custom scripts. These activities were time-consuming and costly.  As a result, VOKKE required a solution that allowed them to simplify, streamline and automate backup activities to provide customised and affordable solutions to clients.


VOKKE now use CloudRanger to automatically snapshot and rotate their EBS volumes by tag, as well as terminate servers at night when workloads are low. As a small business, VOKKE has found this incredibly valuable as they lower costs and get assurance through automated tasks. Adrian Grayson-Widarsito stresses that there is “No more cron – and no more worrying whether the cron has worked!”.

Cloudranger’s backup service allows VOKKE to simplify, streamline and automate backup activities to provide customised and affordable solutions to clients.


  • Efficient, automated EBS backup process
  • Value for Money
  • Increased assurance
  • Customised data management solution
  • Ability to automatically shut down EC2 servers out of hours

CloudRanger AWS Backups

VOKKE find the costing model for CloudRanger’s AWS backup solution simple to understand and consistent. They have found competitor pricing structures confusing. Competitors often charge per action, creating difficulty in calculating total costs. Cloudranger’s flat fee simplifies the costing process. Additionally, they find the focus of CloudRanger’s business to be its biggest advantage. CloudRanger does one thing well and doesn’t try and do AWS billing management and all other things. VOKKE find that all of CloudRanger’s features are directly in line with customer expectations.

“CloudRanger has become vital to our tactical roadmap. DevOps has been able to better manage costs by shutting down servers on schedule, and automatic snapshotting has systematically given the whole team the ability to get a better night’s sleep. For that, we’re eternally thankful!”

Adrian Grayson-Widarsito, Project Manager, V O K K E

The simplicity afforded by CloudRanger’s AWS backup solution means managers at VOKKE can easily teach other team members how to use the service. Furthermore, they find the service always works – servers start and stop correctly and the EBS snapshots are correctly handled.


With the CloudRanger cloud backup solution, VOKKE has simplified, streamlined and automated their backup activities. The simple and straightforward solution provided by CloudRanger means that VOKKE are certain their data is being managed safely and securely manner. VOKKE know that there is a flat fee associated with this service and they no longer have worry about fluctuating costs. Furthermore, as the process is simple and straightforward, team members can easily learn how to use the service.

Download the VOKKE Case Study Here

About CloudRanger

CloudRanger is a cost-effective, SaaS app that provides an automated backup and EC2 scheduling solution for Amazon Web Services. CloudRanger enables AWS customers to automate and schedule EBS volume, EC2 and RDS snapshots, so they save time and money. Customers include HP, Boohoo.com, Canonical, Sandfield, and Ernact. For more information, visit cloudranger.com and Start a Free 14-Day Trial.

CloudRanger AWS Backups

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