Simplified Backup and Disaster Recovery for AWS Cloud

The Easiest-to-use Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for Amazon EC2, RDS and Redshift Resources.

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Automatically Backup Your Data on AWS Cloud. No Scripts, No Code

Create & Delete AWS Backups on Schedule

Backup your Amazon EC2, RDS and Redshift resources 

CloudRanger provides an easy to use, reliable platform for snapshot and AMI management of Amazon EC2, RDS and Redshift resources utilizing AWS native snapshots. Simply choose your creation schedule, set a retention period and apply by tag or instance ID for each of your backup policies.

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Backup Policies CloudRanger
Multin Region Backup

Backup to Secondary AWS Regions & Accounts

Protect your AWS cloud resources in the event of a disaster

CloudRanger enables you to manage servers and backup policies across multiple AWS regions and accounts from one simple dashboard. For added protection against disaster, you can easily copy your snapshots and AMIs to the various regions within the AWS data center network.

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Create a Resilliant AWS Disaster Recovery Plan

Centralized disaster recovery management for AWS cloud

In the event of a disaster, you can quickly, and easily restore Amazon EC2, RDS and Redshift snapshots to your chosen regions or accounts. You can also choose to leave the snapshots unattached, attach to an existing instance or start a file level recovery instance. We also offer an Enterprise-ready Automated Disaster Recovery (ADR) testing platform for Amazon EC2.

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Easily Configure Stop and Start Server Schedules

Schedules Overview CloudRanger

Save up to 70% on Your Amazon EC2 Costs

Efficient server scheduling saves money, time and IT resources

CloudRanger offers efficient scheduling for your Amazon EC2 and RDS resources, saving your team time, money and the hassle of managing scripts or performing manual tasks. Automate scheduled stop, start and reboot actions through our easy-to-use interface and significantly reduce your costs by scheduling your Amazon EC2 and RDS servers to automatically stop when they are not needed 24/7.

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Easily Organize AWS Managed Resources

Apply tags to individual, servers, policies or groups

CloudRanger can help to easily organize your Amazon EC2 & RDS servers by creating custom tags for servers, snapshots and AMIs. We provide an overview of managed and unmanaged server resources and allow you to apply policies to a group or individual level.

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Server Overview CloudRanger
EC2 Detail Mac

Simple Amazon EC2 & RDS Server Management

Easily manage your AWS server resources, visually.

Our simple server management interface helps you to easily visualize and manage individual servers. You can drill down further with our detailed server interface which enables you to perform specific actions such as start, stop, reboot and manage your resource allocation based on tags and schedules.

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Gartner cites CloudRanger as a cloud snapshot management solution in its November 2017 report 'Implementing Disaster Recovery for Public Cloud IaaS-Based Workloads.'

AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts

Featured SaaS backup and recovery product for AWS cloud

AWS Marketplace enables you to buy SaaS contracts and easily manage your subscriptions in one place.  This gives you the ability to add CloudRanger to your main AWS bill, enabling you to easily simplify your payment process. CloudRanger is listed as a featured SaaS backup and recovery product on the AWS Marketplace.

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CloudRanger AWS Version 1

Version 1 Case Study, AWS Marketplace

Getting CloudRanger from AWS Marketplace makes it incredibly simple to deploy in the AWS environment.

Version 1 was able to scale its services while providing peace of mind to customers by adopting CloudRanger’s intuitive user experience. “CloudRanger gives us highly efficient visibility and control over our customers’ backups. Our managed services staff can stay on top of petabyte-scale storage. CloudRanger saves them hundreds of hours annually in the management of backups and restores.” Peter Smyth, Head of Managed Services, Version 1

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