AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery for Managed Service Providers

Support your AWS cloud clients with our robust, enterprise backup & disaster recovery platform.

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The CloudRanger Authorized Partner Program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and System Integrators (SIs) allows you to accelerate business growth by managing backup policies, disaster recovery, and server scheduling requirements for all clients from an easy-to-use, centralized management console.

The CloudRanger Partner Program is ideal for solution providers, MSPs, systems integrators, IT consultants whose offerings span a broad range of solutions. CloudRanger Authorized Partners leverage the platform to optimize resources and implement backup and disaster recovery policies that facilitate compliance of their customers’ cloud environments.

Benefits For Managed Service Providers

AWS EC2 Backup & Retention

Industry-leading, automated backup & retention solution for AWS cloud.

Improve Your Margins

Improve your margins by administrating the CloudRanger solution to your AWS clients.

Easily Restore Snapshots & AMIs

In the event of a disaster, ensure AWS client backups can be restored quickly and easily.

Easily Manage Multiple Clients

Manage all of your client AWS accounts & organizations from one simple dashboard.

Cross-Region & Cross-Account

Easily create AWS cross-account and cross-region backups from one simple interface.

Read-Only Client Access

Securely control user access to AWS client resources for internal and external users.

Manage Multiple AWS Clients From One Dashboard

create and delete backups
cross region copies
Create Disaster Recovery Plan

A Platform Built For Managed Service Providers

  • Automate backup policies for Amazon EC2, RDS & Redshift.
  • Manage all AWS client accounts from one simple interface.
  • Easily customize client-specific backup policies and schedules.
  • We are the world’s easiest backup and recovery platform for AWS.
  • Easily customize EC2 and RDS server schedules to reduce costs
  • With an easy to use interface, you can get set up in just 5 minutes.
  • Group multiple server actions with custom tags for easy organization.
  • Restore AWS snapshots and initiate file level recovery quickly and easily.
  • Copy AWS snapshots and AMIs between AWS regions and AWS accounts.
  • Quickly restore business continuity for clients in a disaster situation.
  • Manage multiple server actions with custom tags for easy organization.
  • Avoid high costs of maintaining custom-built AWS backup solutions.
Mike Staines

Mike StainesCTO, HUB

Cosmin Ioan

Cosmin IoanBusiness Intelligence Architect at Qualmetrix

Adrian Grayson VOKKE

Adrian GraysonProject Manager at VOKKE

Managed Service Partner Case Studies

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Version 1 was able to scale its services while providing peace of mind to customers by adopting CloudRanger’s intuitive user experience. “CloudRanger gives us highly efficient visibility and control over our customers’ backups. Our managed services staff can stay on top of petabyte-scale storage. CloudRanger saves them hundreds of hours annually in the management of backups and restores.” Peter Smyth, Head of Managed Services, Version 1.  Read More>>>

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