How to build a winning strategy for backup and recovery on AWS GovCloud


The digital transformation is not just taking hold for businesses, but for Government Authorities too. With cloud computing becoming an essential tool for processing large datasets & scalable workloads it was clear that Government Agencies were limited in their capability to move to the cloud as it didn’t meet the stringent regulations they are held to; thus the business case for Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud took shape.

What is AWS GovCloud?

AWS GovCloud is managed in the US by heavily vetted US Citizens.  Attracting Government agencies easily with the benefits of compliant scalable cloud storage, saving on infrastructure, human resources and time. Removing the complexities of governance, downtime, and maintenance of physical servers. 

AWS GovCloud has two isolated regions (US-East & US-West) that are designated to regulated and highly sensitive workloads whilst inheriting automatic compliance inline with the most stringent US Government security requirements. 

Why do you need a backup and recovery solution for AWS GovCloud?

AWS are trailblazers in the cloud computing storage arena but this does not make them exempt from vulnerabilities; from potential hardware failures, for example, the AWS Outage (September 2019) and the most recent DdoS attack (October 2019). Therefore ensuring that a tangible backup and recovery plan is in place is highly essential for all AWS accounts. 

Achieving cloud resilience is an ever-evolving challenge that can be consuming on time and resources and detrimental to the integrity of mission-critical data and compliance if not obtained.  Therefore a solution that stays ahead of the unique challenges is crucial, let’s explore the essential considerations for an AWS GovCloud backup solution. 

Considerations for selecting an AWS GovCloud backup solution; 

  • Compliance, does it maintain full AWS GovCloud compliance?
  • Resource drain, does it take time, money or skills away from other areas of the Authority?
  • Scalability, is it capable of keeping up with the sprawling nature of growing data storage?
  • Easily manageable, can you easily maintain AWS GovCloud accounts or consider cross-region storage copies?  Does it require infrastructure maintenance, patches or upgrades?

Future-proofing the backup and recovery solution can be resolved quickly by harnessing the power of SaaS. Being 100% cloud-native, this removes the need for physical infrastructure and the ongoing maintenance that is required (eg. software patches, upgrades, etc) as well as providing global access and scalability. 

The Benefits of Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Druva provides a unique opportunity for AWS GovCloud accounts to always maintain compliance integrity by enabling backups within their AWS GovCloud accounts, ensuring no data ever leaves their environments. The only fully SaaS solution available that currently supports AWS GovCloud is Druva CloudRanger.

Furthermore, Druva Cloudranger supports the management of multiple AWS GovCloud accounts through a single pane of glass.  The account managers can simply interpret the real-time status of their backed up instances, automate scheduled backups and create global and unique policies that can be rolled out on all of their AWS GovCloud accounts. You can easily restore backups of individual Amazon EBS Volumes, full Amazon EC2 instances (AMIs) or Amazon RDS databases or execute a granular file-level recovery.

Next Steps

The benefits of our SaaS solution will allow you release internal resources which allows them to focus on value-add activities and provide maintenance-free resilient backup and recovery that supporting both database growth and driving down the expenditure of compliance, infrastructure, and maintenance. 

If you would like to explore the potential benefits of our backup and recovery solution for AWS GovCloud further Visit and start a free 14-day trial.


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