Reduce AWS Cloud Costs With Advanced EC2 Scheduling

Easily configure automated custom stop, start and reboot schedules for Amazon EC2 and RDS servers

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Reduce Your Amazon EC2 Costs By Up To 70%

Schedule EC2 Servers to Stop and Start

Schedule Amazon EC2 resources to automatically stop/start resources when they are not in use.

Vizualize EC2 Server Schedules

Plan your EC2 schedules in a simple, visual dashboard for optimal efficiency and cost savings.

Reduce EC2 Server Costs

Significantly reduce your operational costs for development and production environments.

Configure Multiple Schedules

Flexibility to automatically manage multiple schedules across EC2 servers as necessary.

Apply Schedules By Tags

Apply custom resource tags to Amazon EC2 instances to receive EC2 scheduler actions.

No Scipting Required

No scripting required. Our automated actions are more reliable than manual processes.

Schedule Detail

Advanced Server Scheduling for Amazon EC2 and RDS Resources

Schedule. Automate. Relax. Save!

CloudRanger offers efficient scheduling for your Amazon EC2 and RDS servers, saving your team time, money and the hassle of managing scripts or performing manual tasks. Automate scheduled stop and start actions through our easy to use interface and reduce your costs by scheduling your Amazon EC2 and RDS resources to stop when they are not needed 24/7.

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Try CloudRanger FREE for 14-days, and get $100 AWS Credits!*

We Can Save You Time, Money and Resources

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