Cross Region Backups Available For AWS With CloudRanger

One of the main advantages of the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure is that it is readily available across the globe. The widespread network of AWS data centers are divided into regions and availability zones, and this helps in achieving high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

So, we are excited to announce an enhancement to our CloudRanger AWS automated backup and scheduling solution, by allowing CloudRanger users to easily copy snapshots across AWS regions to support disaster recovery requirements.

With the new cross region backup enhancement from CloudRanger, snapshot copies can be taken and copied to another AWS region of your choice, to help with disaster recovery. You can now make frequent copies to other regions, making it easier for you to ensure highly available applications.

This is extremely helpful if your current region is unreachable or if there is a need to create an instance in another region. In this case, you can use this option to start your application from the added region. You can then make your application highly available by setting the failover to another region.

It’s important to note that our copy cross region snapshot functionality follows the usual Amazon Web Services incremental backup model of a snapshot. This means that the first snapshot copy of a volume is always a full copy. Then each subsequent snapshot copy is an incremental backup. So, we automatically only make incremental changes for each snapshot after that.

So Why Copy Snapshots To Another AWS Region?

So, why would you want to copy a Snapshot from one AWS Region to another? Here are some of the more common use cases:

  • Geographic Expansion – You want to be able to launch your application in a new Region.
  • Migration – You want to be able to migrate your application from one Region to another.
  • Disaster Recovery – You want to back up your data and your log files across different geographical locations at regular intervals to minimize data loss and recovery time.

By making an extra copy of your data in another region or account, you can prevent complete data loss in the event of an account breach. Our new create and copy cross region backup tasks help to simplify each of these use cases by simplifying the copy process.

Here is an overview of the new AWS cross region backup tasks you can now schedule and automate easily with CloudRanger:

Create and Copy Server Snapshots Cross Region

Our Amazon – Create Server Snapshots task will create snapshots of all the EBS volumes attached to the instance IDs specified in the task.  The snapshot is created in the specified region but is also copied to another Destination Region.

Create and Copy Server Images Cross Region

Our Amazon – Create and Copy Server Image task will create an AMI image from your chosen Instance ID on your chosen schedule. The image is created in the specified region but is also copied to another Destination Region. The user can optionally reboot the server from the checkbox.

This task allows you to easily copy your Amazon Machine Images between AWS Regions. By copying AMI images this helps enable several key scenarios including:

  • Simple and Consistent Multi-Region Deployment – You can copy an AMI from one region to another, enabling you to easily launch consistent instances based on the same AMI into different regions.
  • Scalability – You can easily design and build applications that meet your needs, regardless of location.
  • Performance – You can increase performance by distributing your application and locating critical components of your application in closer proximity to your users.
  • Even Higher Availability – You can deploy applications across AWS regions, to increase availability.

Create and Copy RDS Snapshots Cross Region

Our Amazon – Create and Copy RDS Snapshot task will create a snapshot of an RDS instance ID that is specified in the task, on your chosen schedule. The snapshot is created in the specified region but is also copied to another Destination Region.

Start Using Cross-Region Backups Today

Our AWS Cross Region Backup features are available today and you can start using it right now! So, why not sign up for our Free 14-Day Trial of CloudRanger and try out these features and benefits for yourself.

About CloudRanger

CloudRanger allows you to easily schedule automated backups and retention of EBS volumes, EC2 and RDS instances with snapshots and AMIs. We help your IT team schedule repetitive AWS tasks, and save a tonne of time! With an easy to use interface, managing your routine AWS tasks is simple. Check out our previous blog post on how we helped VOKKE streamline and simplify their EBS snapshot management.

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