How to create EC2 server snapshots by Instance Tag with CloudRanger

Create EC2 Server Snapshots By Tag
Many users of Amazon Web Services (AWS) are looking for a backup solution to easily manage EC2 server snapshots and schedule deletion of old snapshots. You can achieve this by writing your own script or by using an AWS backup solution such as CloudRanger to manage this for you.

CloudRanger is a leading backup and recovery solution for Amazon EC2 & RDS resources. Our solution focuses on the scheduling of backups and the retention policies around your snapshots. It can automate all aspects of the AWS backup process, including cross-region backups for disaster recovery, and will provide you with peace of mind that backups are always being done.

In this blog post, we are going to explain how you can easily set up a task to create an AWS EC2 Server Snapshot By Instance Tag with CloudRanger.

Our Create EC2 Server Snapshots By Instance Tag task will create snapshots of all EBS volumes attached to the instances that have a tag which corresponds to the tag specified in the task.


First of all, you can sign up for a free trial of our CloudRanger software by clicking the image below, then you will need to link your account to your AWS credentials to start creating tasks:
CloudRanger Registration

Once you have set up your free trial account, and successfully added your credentials, the next stage is to set up your task.

How To Set Up Your EC2 Server Snapshots Task

Here is a breakdown of the steps of how to set up your ‘Amazon – Create Server Snapshots By Instance Tag’ task.

Step 1 – Choose a name for your task.

CloudRanger Task Name

Step 2 – Choose the credential for the AWS account you would like to manage

CloudRanger AWS Credential Name

Step 3 – Choose the region in which your chosen AWS resources are located

CloudRanger Choose AWS Region

Step 4 – Choose the ‘Amazon – Create Server Snapshots By Instance Tag’ task from the Task drop-down list

CloudRanger Choose Task

Step 5 – Choose the Tag Name to be linked to this task

CloudRanger Choose Tag Name

Step 6  – Choose the Tag Value to be linked to this task

CloudRanger Choose Tag Value

Step 7 – Choose a predefined schedule (or create your own)  from the Schedule drop-down list for when you would like this task to run.

CloudRanger Choose Schedule

Step 8 – Choose whether you would like to be notified when the task is complete.

CloudRanger Notifications

Step 9 – Click the Save button to complete the task creation.

CloudRanger Save Task
Once you have completed these steps, you have set up your first EC2 Server Snapshot task. This task will now run automatically on your chosen schedule. If you are looking to create a retention policy for your snapshots of this server, you can easily create a Delete Server Snapshot task with CloudRanger and choose the specific number of days you would like to keep snapshots for. Any snapshots that are older than your chosen number of days, will automatically be deleted, ensuring you are only storing the snapshots you require. This helps save on both costs and efficiency.

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