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This week, the latest AWS Cloud Connect event was announced by the Amazon Web Services Team. AWS Cloud Connect is a free online event designed for IT professionals looking to leverage the AWS Cloud to build and transform their business.

During this full day of webinars delivered by AWS partners, you will learn more about different aspects of Architecting on AWS, from developing web-scale applications to performance monitoring and hybrid architecture. You will be able to participate in polls and have your questions answered in real-time by the AWS partners.

You can register for any of the Architecting on AWS webinars on 25th February below:

How to Design and Execute a Hybrid AWS Data Centre Strategy for the Enterprise

Feb 25 2016 10:00 am – Register

Presenting: James Morris,AWS Business Development Director; Philip Longley, AWS Design Consultant

AWS offers organisations an incredible opportunity, but it is not always easy for large enterprises to make the move. However, with the right partner, the opportunity can be realised sooner than you think.

Throughout our webinar we will discuss:

•  Why AWS adoption is a challenge for the enterprise, particularly those with complex, legacy IT estates
•  How to remove the application and infrastructure design barriers to AWS platform entry
•  The importance of designing an AWS solution with operational best practice in mind
•  How to create a suitable monitoring capability for hybrid AWS deployments
•  The importance of a rigorous configuration management process

The webinar will deliver some key learnings, bringing a clear perspective on Hybrid IT for you to take away. We will underpin the webinar with a real life case study from within our own client base; a client that overcame a number of challenges to successfully re-design and transition one of their most critical applications to AWS, whilst the rest of their data centre remained in a UK domicile facility.

Leveraging AWS services to Hack-Proof your Cloud

Feb 25 2016 11:00 am – Register

Presenting: Aaron Newman, CloudCheckr CTO

Migrating from the data center to the cloud requires us to rethink much of what we do to secure our applications. The idea of physical security morphs as infrastructure becomes virtualized by AWS APIs. In a new world of ephemeral, auto-scaling infrastructure, you need to adapt your security architecture to meet both compliance and security threats.

In the presentation we will cover topics including:

• Minimize attack vectors and surface area
• Perimeter assessments of your VPCs
• Internal vs. External threats
• Monitoring threats
• Re-evaluating Intrusion Detection, Activity Monitoring, and Vulnerability Assessment in AWS

How to develop and deploy web-scale applications on AWS

Feb 25 2016 03:00 pm –Register

Presenting:  Johan Holder, AWS Strategy, Databarracks

Johan Holder will present our checklist for deployment of web-scale applications on AWS. We will cover the fundamentals you need to apply when moving applications from a legacy hosting provider or building new services from scratch.

• How to architect your AWS environment to take advantage of specific services such as Elastic Load Balancing, CloudFront, Amazon SQS and S3.
• How to build for scalability, resilience and security
• How to manage your costs

We will also show you how to avoid the common mistakes we see organisations make when getting started with AWS.

Central Government application architecture for AWS

Feb 25 2016 04:00 pm –Register

Presenting:  Marc Esmiley Director of Cloud Services at SystemsUP/iomart

Join us as we talk through the journey of taking a traditional legacy application to the cloud for a UK Central Government customer.

Many cloud migrations can struggle when treated as traditional infrastructure workloads. Only by understanding the application and mapping its functions onto a modern cloud platform will full value be realised.

During the presentation, we will cover the following;

• The initial application state challenge
• Assessing the application
• Selecting the preferred platform
• Architecting for cloud
• Challenges found and lessons learnt

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