CloudRanger’s AWS Backup Solution Provides Savings to SMEs

The ERNACT regions have recently completed a project with CloudRanger to move all applications to the cloud, including TeamWorker, the network’s mission-critical European project collaboration platform. Other services that have been migrated to the cloud – built on a combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Office365 – are accounting, payroll, websites, SQL Server, file storage, mail and desktop applications.  CloudRanger has established a reputation as experts in cloud migration and has developed innovative AWS backup solution for Amazon Web Services.

Colm Mc Colgan, General Manager, stated that:

“We had reached the point where we needed to replace our entire family of in-house servers, firewall, SQL Server, Exchange Server, etc. When we compared the replacement cost with the cost of migrating it all to the cloud, the cloud won hands-down. The cloud also allowed us to get rid of our backup tapes, improve our data security, work with known fixed costs and avail of automatic software updates. It also allowed our staff to work and collaborate from any location across Europe across multiple devices whether laptop, smart phone or tablet”.


European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology (ERNACT) was founded in 1991. ERNACT is a network of European regional and city public authorities that work together to access European Union (EU) digital technology programmes and funding for the benefit of their areas, companies and universities.

Competing for funding for local authorities, ERNACT implement innovative digital-age projects to improve member regions’ digital development needs in areas such as broadband, digital start-ups, digital literacy, e-services, mobile technologies and applications. The ERNACT team has 25 years of expertise in leading interregional projects and a strong record of achievement in linking with other European regions. To-date, ERNACT have developed over 25 projects with governments, universities and research centres in more than 120 European regions and cities, with a combined population of 50 million, across 20 countries.

Business challenge

The nature of ERNACT’s operations means that there are a number of international projects running simultaneously with staff located across Europe. As a result, the organisation encountered challenges in scaling-up to meet increased project management demands and the vast array of files multiple projects create.

The organisation found themselves with two in-house servers with accompanying hardware (e.g., firewalls) and software, database management systems, email software, project management and collaboration software, accounting systems and project costing systems. Further, the company was required to retain project records for 7 years in accordance with EU policy, resulting in the accumulation of significant degree of documentation in relation to past and present projects.

This resulted in an insufficient infrastructure to manage project documents, retain records and maintain data integrity. With operations across the EU, data backup, data security and updating of software were key issues for ERNACT. In addition, facilitating collaboration among staff members in different locations across Europe was a necessity. A key challenge for ERNACT was how to address these issues within budget and without causing disruption to operations.

  • Looking for an efficient backup solution
  • Secure EU data management solution
  • Automatic software update solution
  • Effective staff collaboration

Research illustrated that cloud migration offered the cost-effective and disruption-free solution ERNACT required. The organisation became aware that CloudRanger, who are an APN Consulting Partner, had established a reputation as the experts in cloud migration and had developed an innovative piece of software for creating automated backups for Amazon Web Services.

CloudRanger streamlined and simplified ERNACTs business IT processes, offering a user-friendly solution that facilitated automatic backup of files and effective collaboration among staff across Europe.

The solution offered by CloudRanger included examining ERNACTs current set up, working with them to develop a migration path, assess potential cost savings and plotting a progression path for the organisation. Further, CloudRanger work closely with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft 365 to offer a wide range of options and competitive packages. CloudRanger’s automated AWS backup solution allowed ERNACT to get rid of their backup tapes, improve data security, work with known fixed costs and benefit from automatic software updates. Importantly, staff across Europe could collaborate with ease using multiple devices.

  • Automated AWS backups
  • Secure customised data management solution including the migration of legacy files
  • Automatic software updates
  • Enhanced staff collaboration
  • Effective liaising with ERNACT’s consultants
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased staff productivity
AWS Backup Solution Provides Savings

ERNACT were very impressed with the substantial cost savings the CloudRanger solution provided. Using the CloudRanger Cloud Control solution meant that the organisation did not have to replace their servers or invest in new hardware. Furthermore, the migration of legacy files, which ERNACT expected to be a complex process, was handled by CloudRanger with ease. The expertise and practical support provided by CloudRanger was exceptional. The process involved in migrating to the cloud was managed by CloudRanger, who liaised with ERNACT’s external consultants and also liaised with Microsoft and Amazon on behalf of ERNACT.

“CloudRanger developed and implemented an entire migration plan for us, selected and set up the cloud platform. Their expertise and practical support was key for us.”

Marion Boyce, ERNACT


With the CloudRanger cloud control solution, ERNACT has simplified their business processes. The backup, storage and maintenance of files is now simple and painless. ERNACT no longer have to deal with hardware maintenance contracts, manually backing up files and worry about servers going down. Support staff can now manage their time more efficiently and effectively. As a result, not only were costs reduced, but staff productivity increased.

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