Automated Disaster Recovery Testing for AWS Cloud

The Enterprise-ready Automated Disaster Recovery (ADR) testing platform for Amazon EC2.

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Enable Rapid Recovery Of Your Amazon EC2 Infrastructure

Create Automated DR Plans

Create automated Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) based on your source region AMIs.

Restore to Additional AWS Regions

Automatically restore AMIs to another AWS region in the case of a disaster situation.

Validate RTO and RPO

Quickly restore business continuity in a disaster situation and validate your RTO and RPO.

Clone Environments With One-Click

Clone your environment with restore mappings based on regions, subnets and VPCs

Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

Select the frequency that you want you automated restoring and retention of servers.

File-Level Recovery

Launch a temporary EC2 instance for any period of time while you recover lost individual files.

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CloudRanger simplifies and reduces costs associated with the complexity of data lifecycle management for AWS services, all through a single control panel. Find out more about our protection features for AWS Services and download our datasheet.


Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

Automated Disaster Recovery (ADR) takes our backup & restore capability and enhances it to automate the end to end activity of recovering from an actual disaster. Rather than selecting single cloud-based resources for restore, you can now select resources, which combined, make up an entire application.

In fact, you could select an entire region for restore. As an example, a single application may have multiple application servers. This application would also be made up of various security and networking components. All of these components can be pre-defined into a single Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and executed at a required frequency in test mode.

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Validate RTO and RPO Objectives

This capability supports organisations validate their Recovery Time objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective(RPO) through actual execution of an end-to-end process.

They can then increase resource capacity or select a lower activity destination to reduce RTO, and increase backup frequency to reduce their RPO. If an actual disaster occurs, the result is a well tested and fit for purpose disaster recovery capability


Clone Your Environment with One-Click

Use our One-Click Clone option to replicate infrastructure from source to destination region. By using this option, you can easily clone VPC’s and their dependents such as Subnets, Security Groups and Route Tables from the disaster recovery plans source region to the target region.

This ensures that restored instances are in an identical environment despite being in a different region. This is ideal for when the infrastructure does not currently exist in your chosen destination region

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"The average total cost of an IT disruption to operations was between $1 million and $14 million, depending on the severity. Broken down, it comes to $32,000 – $53,000 for each minute of disruption — in idle user time, forensics and technical support."
The IBM Global Study on the Economic Impact of IT Risk

Why You Need Our Platform

  • Automated DR testing executed at a required frequency in test mode
  • Create pre-defined Automated Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)
  • Define your actual RTO and reduce application disruption time
  • Replication of AMIs to additional regions in the AWS cloud
  • Minimizing downtime, eliminating data loss during a disaster
  • Enable rapid failover at scale across the AWS data centre network
  • Automate the end to end activity of recovering from an actual disaster
  • Quickly restore business continuity in a disaster situation
  • Validate your RTO and RPO to meet business compliance requirements
  • Minimizing downtime, eliminating data loss of critical IT systems
  • Select VPC, Subnet resources, which combined, make up an entire application
  • With an easy to use interface, you can get set up in just 5 minutes

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