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We are delighted to announce that you can now configure your AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Groups to operate on your chosen schedule using the CloudRanger platform. Previously, this functionality was only available through the AWS Application Programming Interface (API)Command Line Interface (CLI), and AWS CloudFormation.

AWS EC2 Auto Scaling based on a schedule allows you to scale your application in response to predictable load changes. For example, if the traffic to your web application consistently increases on Wednesday, remains high on Thursday, and starts to decrease on Friday, you can use scheduled Auto Scaling to automatically increase capacity to match the predictable traffic patterns of your web application.

AWS EC2 Auto Scaling allows you to automatically scale your EC2 resources based on demand within certain parameters. CloudRanger Auto Scaling schedules allow you to adjust these parameters, in a fully automated way. The minimum, maximum and desired values of an Auto Scaling Group (ASG) are the boundaries to which your scaling is confined. We allow you to dynamically adjust these limits and in case of emergency, to perform a one-off adjustment to your ASG.

What is an AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group?

An Auto Scaling group contains a collection of EC2 instances that share similar characteristics and are treated as a logical grouping for the purposes of instance scaling and management. For example, if a single application operates across multiple instances, you might want to increase the number of instances in that group to improve the performance of the application or decrease the number of instances to reduce costs when demand is low.

You can use the Auto Scaling group to scale the number of instances automatically based on criteria that you specify, or maintain a fixed number of instances even if an instance becomes unhealthy. This automatic scaling and maintaining the number of instances in an Auto Scaling group is the core functionality of the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling service.

Create an AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group schedule in CloudRanger

CloudRanger Auto Scaling Schedules are created in the same way as our regular server schedules. Simply click on the ‘Create Schedule’ button from the Server Schedules resource page on the CloudRanger main Dashboard.

Note: Like Server schedules, Auto Scaling schedules can be executed directly from the Server Schedule resource screen. When creating a new Auto Scaling schedule the user needs to select the ‘TYPE’ as an ‘Auto Scaling Group’ from the type drop-down. Useful information on the scaling changes, lowest and highest possible scale can be reviewed.

When generating an Auto Scaling schedule the user can predetermine the scale by setting the MIN, MAX and DESIRED. Individual cells can then be selected and the Auto Scaling Group (ASG) scale will be applied to that time. The settings and time can be refined by clicking the ASG cell and making changes as appropriate or delete the schedule if needed. Here is a breakdown of how these scales work:

MIN: This will be the minimum number of instances that can run in your Auto Scale Group. If your scale down CloudWatch alarm is triggered, your Auto Scale Group will never terminate instances below this number.

MAX: This will be the maximum number of instances that you can run in your Auto Scale Group. If your scale up CloudWatch alarm stays triggered, your Auto Scale Group will never create instances more than the maximum amount specified.

DESIRED: If you trip a CloudWatch alarm for a scale up event, then it will notify the Auto Scaler to change it’s desired to a specified higher amount and the Auto Scaler will start an instance/s to meet that number. If you trip a CloudWatch alarm to scale down, then it will change the Auto Scaler desired to a specified lower number and the Auto Scaler will terminate instance/s to get to that number.

Auto Scaling resources can be applied to the schedule using the group ID or group Tag as outlined below.

If you have any further questions on our AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group server scheduling functionality, feel free to get in touch with the team at

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