Backup and disaster recovery for AWS. Made easy

The data protection solution for AWS workloads, built for infinite scale, flexibility, and efficiency.

No More Complexity for AWS Backup and Recovery

Druva CloudRanger simplifies and reduces costs associated with the complexity of data lifecycle management for AWS cloud workloads, all through a single control plane. Designed to help organizations maintain control over sprawling IaaS and PaaS data, CloudRanger’s agentless approach automates the day-to-day tasks of data management and provides continued visibility as workload data grows – all within your own AWS account. No servers, No scripts, No code!

Benefits Include

Global Backup Policies

Create global backup policies across your AWS accounts and regions via Tags, instance ID, VPC based on custom include/exclude rules

Long-term snapshot retention

Easily transition Amazon EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 storage classes (S3 Standard, IA, Glacier, Deep Archive)

Disaster Recovery

One-click disaster recovery function, clone VPCs along with associated environments across AWS regions and accounts for failover.

Unified Backup and DR for AWS Workloads

One centralized solution for multiple AWS resources

CloudRanger’s centralized snapshot policy orchestration and disaster recovery across an organization’s AWS accounts and regions for Amazon EBS, EC2, RDS, Redshift, Aurora, Neptune, DocumentDB workloads and addresses the data protection and instant granular recovery needs of enterprises at the forefront of cloud adoption.

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Data sheet

Product Datasheet - Features & Benefits

CloudRanger simplifies and reduces costs associated with the complexity of data lifecycle management for AWS services, all through a single control panel. Find out more about our protection features for AWS Services and download our datasheet.

Centralized Management for AWS Environments

Global backup policies can be applied across multiple AWS accounts

Do you need to backup your EC2 VMs? Yes! Druva CloudRanger allows you to easily backup Amazon EC2 instances, and many other AWS resources with global policies. This makes it simple to manage backups of applications across multiple AWS accounts and regions from one simple dashboard. For added protection against disaster, you can easily copy your snapshots and AMIs to another region or account within AWS.

Features Include

Global Backup Policies

Global backup policies can be applied across multiple AWS accounts within the organization with various rule-based options.

Governance & Compliance

Meet compliance mandates, or regulatory requirements to preserve data stored in Amazon EBS snapshots or Amazon S3

Snapshot File-Search

Granular search for Amazon EBS snapshots at a metadata level to identify specific files and data for recovery purposes

Flexible Policies

Get complete control over AWS backup policies, across resources, accounts, regions, and VPCs based on your SLAs

Infinite Scale

Easily manage hundreds of AWS accounts and thousands of instances across your entire AWS cloud environment

IAM Access

IAM-based access to your AWS environment, ensures data never leaves your cloud, giving you full control over your data. 

Lifecycle Management

Automatically archive EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 storage classes like Amazon S3 Glacier as part of a backup policy

Risk Management

For extra protection against disasters, copy your Amazon EBS snapshots or AMIs to another AWS region or AWS account.

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