Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances now offer instance size flexibility to help you reduce your EC2 costs

Reduce EC2 costs

Great news announced from Amazon Web Services today, where they have announced some great new enhancements to Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) that make them more flexible and easy to use, and for price-sensitive users, it helps you get the most out of your RI discount and reduce EC2 costs.

New Ways To Reduce Your EC2 Bills

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed how to make it easier to stay out of trouble with your boss and select the best EC2 pricing options for your applications. So it’s great to hear that AWS have now announced further cost saving enhancements to the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance offerings to reduce EC2 costs.

In September 2016, Amazon Web Services introduced Regional RIs, which provide users with Availability Zone (AZ) flexibility and make it easier to take advantage of discounted rates for RI’s. Existing AWS customers could choose to go without the capacity reservation associated with their RI, run instances in any AZ in the region, and have the RI discount automatically applied.

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Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances Now Offer Instance Size Flexibility

This new functionality is available from March 1st, 2017, where regional RIs now provide instance size flexibility, in addition to AZ flexibility. With instance size flexibility, your regional RI’s discounted rate will automatically apply to usage of any size in the instance family, and in any AZ.

Since the discounted rate is automatically applied to usage irrespective of size or AZ, you can save even more on your EC2 bill with no management overhead of trying to match RI discounts to running instances.

With the EC2 instance size flexibility and AZ flexibility provided by regional RIs, AWS customers don’t have to worry about being tied to a specific size or AZ, or worry about launching the right instance size in the right AZ to match their RIs. This helps existing users save time and reduce EC2 costs, and lets the rest of your team focus on the performance and needs of your application.

It has been announced that instance size flexibility is offered on Linux/UNIX regional RIs and is available at no additional cost to users. To learn more about how you can take advantage of RIs, check out the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances page.

Reduce EC2 Costs

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Check out our previous blog post on how we helped VOKKE streamline and simplify their EBS snapshot management.

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