Weekly summary email feature now live

Summary of the actions performed

Cloud Ranger carries out a number of tasks for our customers in the background. The tasks we execute can range from starting up servers to performing a back-up. When you combine this with a schedule, then  you have an automated service that looks after your cloud needs. Schedules are used to automate your tasks for you, a timer switch if you like. You can set a schedule to run daily, monthly or yearly. With our new weekly email feature, you will now get a summary of the actions performed over the previous week.

Email Notifications

Modify the notification types you receive

By default, this email will be sent once a week and the settings can be modified via the Cloud Ranger dashboard. When you create a Cloud Ranger task, this can be set up to send an email notification when the scheduled task changes state or when user-defined conditions are met. You can also modify the notification types you receive.

For more information about our email  notification service, get in touch at info@cloudranger.com

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