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VOKKE Case Study

Adrian Grayson-Widarsito from VOKKE stresses that there is “No more cron – and no more worrying whether the cron has worked!”.

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DevOps on AWS Case Study

CloudRanger’s backup service allows VOKKE to simplify, streamline and automate backup activities to provide customised and affordable solutions to clients.

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Cloudranger has enabled us to easily create schedules for our new AWS demo environments saving time and money for the business and the automated backups and archiving has been very useful as well.

Steve Roberts, Head of, Manchester, UK

Amazon Web Services provides a robust and trustworthy archival process for virtual machines and drives, but managing and automating that process on a large scale isn’t practical within Amazon’s web console. CloudRanger fully automated our AWS backup process in minutes. With fluid scheduling and searchable logs, maintaining the integrity and high availability of our EC2 instances is now a hands-off process thanks entirely to CloudRanger.

Jared Colvin, IT DirectorGeorge Street Photo & Video, Chicago, Illinois, United States

CloudRanger has become vital to our tactical roadmap. DevOps has been able to better manage costs by shutting down servers on schedule, and automatic snapshotting has systematically given the whole team the ability to get a better nights sleep. For that, we’re eternally thankful!

Adrian Grayson, Project ManagerVOKKE, Melbourne, Australia

We are delighted with the CloudRanger product as it has helped us save money on our overall AWS cloud costs. We use CloudRanger predominantly for starting up our test servers on week-day mornings (Mon-Fri – 7am) and shutting them down in the evenings (Mon-Fri 7pm). We have recently started using CloudRanger to delete our snapshots that are older than 6 months.

Darren Doherty, CTO3D Issue, Donegal Ireland

CloudRanger is a brilliant app – saved us a tonne of time!

Mike Staines, CTOHub, London, UK