The countdown to AWS re:Invent 2016 is on

AWS re:Invent 2016 will take place on  November 28–December 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amazon has been hosting their showpiece conference annually since 2012 making this the 5th annual event. Re:Invent has been a great source of information for AWS customers and enthusiasts alike, it is designed to bring people of all skill levels to connect, engage and discuss all information on AWS. Session levels can range from introductory, advanced to expert. The 2016 session catalogue is being released later this summer, but Amazon have stated that their agenda offers expanded opportunities to learn how the cloud impacts your business, including deep dives into topics like IoT, new perspectives on cloud issues, and more chances to learn from the experts, with a total of over 400 sessions in total being planned.

What to expect at AWS re:Invent 2016

IoT- IoT is going to be one of the key focus areas: With Internet of Things (IoT) becoming widespread, Amazon wants to get in on the action. It acquired 2lemetry, an IoT startup from Denver, CO, which is now integrated with AWS as the IoT platform. AWS IoT seems to have all the right traits to become a successful platform for businesses.

Cloud issue perspectives- This topic is also set to be highlighted at re:Invent. The cloud has been around for a while now but cloud issues are still preventing a lot of people from adopting to the cloud. Getting the opinions and perspectives from the experts is a must for a lot of people out there.

Serverless computing- The basic idea of serverless computing sounds appealing to everyone. No worries of over/under capacity, deployments, scaling, and fault tolerance etc. Services like AWS lambda that deploy this are becoming increasingly popular, so expect this topic to be widely covered at re:Invent.

Containers have gained massive interest in the last couple of years, rivalling and providing certain advantages over the virtualization concept. For this reason, it will be a big area of discussion at this year’s conference.

Attendees can also look forward to-

  • A full additional day of content
  • 4 new mini-conferences
  • Multiple Hackathons and more GameDays
  • Reserved seating for breakout sessions

There will also be lots of different after-hours activities, from a wing eating contest to a pub crawl (an expanded one this year!). There will also be a new re:Invent 5k run, and the 5th annual world famous re:Play party will take place! After spending a full day attending sessions, these activities are the perfect way to wind down and have a bit of fun with fellow attendees, or perhaps network with re:Invent sponsors and AWS experts.

What’s new?

The all new mini-conferences are being introduced this year. These mini-conferences will involve the topics mentioned above among others. There is also going to be more of a technical deep dive on these topics.

This year, AWS are offering all-new mini-conferences on topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), serverless computing, security, and containers. In addition, they will be delivering more than 400 sessions (twice as many as 2015), and more hands-on labs, boot camp’s, and opportunities for one-on-one engagements with AWS experts.

Planning your trip

The price of a full conference pass for AWS re:Invent 2016 will set you back $1,599, which initially sounds quite expensive but considering you get access to all the conference has to offer for this price it makes it seem not so bad at all, and also you can then take advantage of discounted accommodation and flight prices when you register. Registration has been open since the 23rd June and tickets are selling fast. You can register for the event and check ticket availability here. You can start planning your trip by checking out the re:Invent website. You will find accommodation prices and discounted flight tickets with delta airlines here.

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