Simplified EC2 Server Management for AWS Cloud

The world’s easiest to use Amazon EC2 Server Management platform for AWS cloud.

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Our Amazon EC2 Server Management Features Include

Visualize Amazon EC2 Servers

Monitor all of your Amazon EC2 servers in one dashboard and understand what they are doing.

Organize Resources With Tags

Easily review your tagged AWS resources and add/remove tags for increased organization.

Schedule EC2 Servers to Stop/Start

Save money by scheduling your unused Amazon EC2 servers to automatically switch off when not in use.

AWS EC2 Backup & Retention

Review all of your Amazon EC2 servers to ensure they are backed up on a regular schedule.

Review Managed AWS Resources

Easily keep track of all the managed and unmanaged Amazon EC2 resources in your infrastructure.

Simplified AWS Disaster Recovery

Restore your Amazon EBS snapshots and AMIs in a matter of minutes from one simple dashboard.

The Easiest To Use Server Management Platform For AWS Cloud

Easily Organize Your AWS Resources

Apply Tags To Individual Policies Or Groups

CloudRanger can help to easily organize your Amazon EC2 & RDS servers by creating custom tags for servers, snapshots and AMIs. We provide an overview of managed and unmanaged server resources and allow you to apply policies to a group or individual level.

Server Overview

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 Try CloudRanger FREE for 14-days, and get $100 AWS Credits!*

How We Make Amazon EC2 Server Management Easy

  • View all your managed and unmanaged AWS EC2 & RDS resources.
  • Manage your resource allocation based on tags and schedules.
  • Easily visualize and schedule individual EC2 server on/off times.
  • Access a visual overview of server costs and realized savings.
  • Create custom tags on servers to help organize resources effectively.
  • Apply backup policies at a group or individual level.
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