Self-service Disaster Recovery for AWS environments

ADR plans

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) shared responsibility model outlines the differentiation of Security ‘of’ the cloud with AWS and Security ‘in’ the Cloud with the customer. Workloads that are migrated or created in AWS are not implicitly protected with Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities. 

“Systems, sites, and networks can fail no matter where they are located or who is managing them. Mission-critical service availability and protection of corporate data are essential no matter where services reside.” 

“Cloud services are not based on traditional enterprise architectures and management. IT departments no longer have end-to-end control of the environment.”

    – Gartner report on DR implementation

Enterprises need to be prepared for failures to their cloud infrastructure due to user errors, malicious & insider threat, operational mishaps or site outages. In this blog, we will explain how with Druva CloudRanger you can keep your AWS data safe and easily recoverable from any region-specific or account-specific outage.

Disaster Recovery for your AWS environments
You may have recently read that on Labor Day weekend in the US, AWS had an issue with customer data in US-East where a power outage caused a major issue for Amazon EC2 instances and EBS volumes in US-East-1 – reported in this article by The Register. This highlights the risks of not replicating your Amazon EBS snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) across availability zones, regions or accounts within AWS.

While considering a disaster recovery (DR) plan for their various AWS environments, enterprises should look at the following aspects for maintaining business continuity in a potential disaster situation:

  • Flexibility & Availability – While AWS offers 20+ regions, 200+instance types and 100+ services, not all regions have the same number of availability zones or support all instance types. As an example, N. Virginia has 6 Availability Zones (AZ’s) while Ohio has 3 AZ’s
  • Cost considerations – AWS subscription model requires you to only pay for the services utilized but there are transfer (egress) charges when data is moved out of a region. Likewise not all regions cost the same.
  • Compliance and controls – From a DR perspective, it is important to consider data residency requirements and operational issues due to incorrect security settings in your DR sites. AWS IAM roles are account specific and KMS keys used for data encryption are region-specific.
So, what should your cloud DR solution offer?

A successful cloud DR solution should make it simple to set up and update DR plans with automation. It should support availing the merits of AWS cloud.

The Druva CloudRanger DR solution for native AWS workloads enables organizations to have a self-service DRaaS approach by making Disaster Recovery plans simple to set up, keeping them current, tested and cost-optimized for their AWS environments.

Here is how you can setup DR plans with Druva CloudRanger 
  • Create a target DR environment
    • Create a source environment with Druva CloudRanger for your application by selecting the network and security resources like Amazon VPN’s, Security groups of the Amazon EC2 & Amazon RDS instances that are part of your application
    • Clone the environment to another AWS account & region to automatically create a Target DR environment based on production configurations

Druva CloudRanger ADR


  • Create DR plans
    • Select Source & Target environments:
      • Setup the DR network & security mapping for the instances in the event of a failover 
      • Select your Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS based on IDs or AWS TAGS 
    • Create backup policies: Automatically create a backup policy to backup & copy AMIs & snapshots based on your RPO to the target AWS account and region.


  • Test DR plans: Define a recurring schedule to automatically test the DR plans and verify if plans meet your RPO & RTO requirements. The test options offer retention setting to clean up the instances after testing saving up on your AWS DR test costs. 

  DR test schedule


  • Generate DR plan tests reports
    • View DR plan test reports that can be shared to meet your compliance requirements.
Druva CloudRanger DR high-level architecture overview

Druva CloudRanger Disaster Recovery


Summarizing the benefits of Druva CloudRanger solution
  • Simple & Automated
    • Automatically create DR environments
    • Easy to setup DR plans
  • Flexibility
    • Create cross-region or cross-account DR plans
    • Support for EC2 and RDS instances
  • Cost-effective
    • Zero DR infrastructure setup
    • Cost-optimized testing options
  • Stay compliant
    • Schedule test of DR plans
    • Generate DR testing reports 
Why you need a SaaS-based Data Protection solution

Unlike other solutions, Druva CloudRanger has no software, servers or agents to install; while offering cross-region and cross-account functionality to easily copy snapshots and AMIs across AWS regions as part of a standard backup policy. If you are hit by regional AWS outages, ransomware, or user error and use a server-based backup solution, its subject to failure and you may have lost data.

Druva CloudRanger is a 100% SaaS-based, AWS Data Protection solution built for AWS using serverless architecture, this means you can keep your AWS data safe and easily recoverable from any region-specific outage.

Interested to try it out?

Whether you are a small business, a medium business, or an enterprise user of Amazon Web Services, Druva CloudRanger has a variety of features that will meet your specific data protection needs. Our straightforward, easy-to-use dashboard eliminates the need for in-house scripting.

With just a few clicks, even the most novice AWS users can execute and automate a number of routine tasks such as implementing cross-region backups, file-level search or scheduling server resources. Not only will Druva CloudRanger save your company time and money, but it will also allow users to focus on more important matters while these mundane yet important tasks are completed by the system.

Druva CloudRanger support for self-service disaster recovery for AWS environments is available with our freemium version. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today. let us know your feedback!


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