How you can save money on AWS by eliminating idle resources?

EC2 Idle Resources

An annual report survey  “The 2016 State of the Cloud by RightScale.Inc shows cloud adoption is growing and hybrid cloud adoption has increased. With growing maturity in the cloud of both user and providers, security concerns have dropped considerably. The greatest challenge cloud users and providers now face are a shortage of trained resources they need to fuel the growth and cost management and optimization strategies, to elevate the cloud bills and cost concerns for experienced cloud users. With AWS enterprise adoption growing from 50% to 56% in the past year, finding ways you can save money on AWS by eliminating EC2 idle resources will be of great benefit to all AWS customers.

Eliminate EC2 Idle Resources

I’m sure everybody at some stage in life has heard “If you’re not using that, switch it off ”. With the help of AWS Trusted Advisor to provide best practices (or checks) to monitor cloud bills and cost concerns for customers, AWS are once again showing how customer focused they are.

AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor provides best practices in four categories: cost optimization, security, fault tolerance, and performance improvement.

Cost Optimization recommendations that can potentially save you money by highlighting unused resources and opportunities to reduce your bill.

Security identification of security settings that could make your AWS solution less secure.

Fault Tolerance recommendations that help increase the resiliency of your AWS solution by highlighting redundancy shortfalls, current service limits, and overutilized resources.

Performance recommendations that can help to improve the speed and responsiveness of your applications.

The status of the check is shown by using color coding on the dashboard page.

Trusted Advisor inspects your AWS environment and makes recommendations for saving money, improving system performance, or closing security gaps.

With AWS services charge based on location, volume, and performance of services. Two Trusted Advisor checks are available to all AWS customers to help improve security and performance: Service Limits, and Security Groups – Specific Ports Unrestricted.  The remaining can be accessed by upgrading to Business or enterprise-level support.

Where to Start Saving Money

Understanding your bill details is important. Work out where the expenses are and reduce them accordingly. By using metric AWS Trusted Advisor, to find out the utilization levels your EC2 instances are running at. You will be able to see just what you need and how to achieve this.

Maybe you don’t need as many instances now as you once did, or you may need more, whereby swapping 2-3 smaller instances for a larger instance, savings can be achieved. On-demand instances are more expensive than reserved instances, so if you can pay upfront, your costs will be reduced, and if you experiment with spot instances, spot instance can offer greater savings of up to 70%. If you are reducing instances, and they are reserved you don’t lose out as AWS allows you to sell them.

Non-Production Environments

Other considerations to help optimize costs include checking whether instances can be stopped at certain times of the day, without impacting on services. However, be careful turning them on and off manually can incur costs, because of the hourly rate charges, a better solution is available.

With EC2 and AWS services being a programmable infrastructure, stopping and starting can be scheduled with tools such as CloudRanger. By programming on-demand or scheduled events, starting and stopping is made easier for example automatically programmed to switch off non-production environments and EC2 idle resources at night if not in use, or at weekends.

Instance Types

Selecting the right instance type is also significant, ensuring types match regions will reduce costs. Getting rid of unwanted EBS snapshots and remove all unused AWS EIPs this will cut down on data transfer costs and storage costs.

There are many different ways of accumulating hidden costs in business, cloud computing is no different. As more chose cloud computing for a faster and cost-saving investment for the future. Knowing how to monitor and control this environment, will cut costs.

About CloudRanger

CloudRanger provides the world’s easiest to use backup and recovery solution for Amazon Web Services. We make it easy to manage your backups & servers running on AWS cloud. Using CloudRanger, you can easily manage backups and retention of your RDS, EC2 and Redshift resources with snapshots and AMIs.

With an easy to use interface, managing your routine AWS tasks is simple and effective. CloudRanger saves your team time and hassle, making the day-to-day management of your AWS resources easier and more automated. CloudRanger can also help you save on your EC2 costs by starting/stopping non-production instances automatically when you need them.

Try CloudRanger for Free

Whether you are a small business, a medium business, or an enterprise user of Amazon Web Services, CloudRanger has the backup and recovery features that will meet your specific needs. Our easy-to-use AWS cloud management system is simple to install, which means your business can be up and running with CloudRanger in no time. And best of all, you can even try CloudRanger for free for 14 days. So why not experience all the cost-saving features and time-saving benefits CloudRanger has to offer?






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