How to reduce your EC2 costs with AWS?

We know that by running your IT resources on the cloud, this allows your business to be agile, more efficient and more cost-effective. If your business quickly needs access to more resources, it can scale quickly in the cloud. On the other hand, if it needs to reduce resources, it can do so just as easily. Due to this scalability, the cloud’s elasticity is often compared to that of an elastic band (see our last blog post image!). But one question that we want to answer is, how do you reduce your EC2 costs with AWS?

The growth of Amazon Web Services

When Amazon  launched its own cloud computing platform called Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006 to provide a range of online services, nobody expected it to grow quite as quickly as it has. With the growth of AWS, there has been a significant increase in demand for additional services that support the AWS platform to allow users to make the most of their cloud.

Even with the scalability and cost efficiency benefits of the cloud compared to having physical servers, there is still scope to improve cost effectiveness and efficiency further with a number of SaaS partners through the AWS marketplace. The AWS Marketplace is an online store that helps customers find, buy, and immediately start using the software and services that run in the EC2 cloud and support their existing IT structure.

Managing EC2 instances

One area where customers are looking for additional support for their AWS cloud, is in the automation of cloud tasks. These can include the manual tasks of starting and stopping staging and development servers at certain times of the day. For example, many businesses only want to run their EC2 instances on the cloud during business hours only, so they are not paying for idle EC2 instances out of hours.

Scheduling cloud tasks

CloudRanger are specialists in automation and scheduling for AWS EC2 cloud tasks. Our aim is to help you save unnecessary costs incurred due to idle EC2 instances, particularly those on both staging and development environments. As AWS continues its growth, customers will find it increasingly challenging to control and optimise their AWS spend without the help of automation and scheduling tools.

CloudRanger will not only help you cut your overall AWS cloud costs, but also help improve overall efficiency as well. Why not ask yourself, how much is cloud inefficiency costing your business right now?  It can provide a cost effective and mobile solution, to initiate and control cloud tasks across Amazon Web Services including EC2, RDS and Snapshots. It supports increasing workloads, increased efficiency, reduced costs and helps create a more agile and dynamic business environment.

About CloudRanger

CloudRanger offer a simple DevOps automation solution to make it easy to manage backups & servers on AWS cloud. Using CloudRanger, you can easily backup your RDS and EC2 instances with snapshots and AMIs.

With an easy to use interface, managing your routine AWS tasks is simple and effective. CloudRanger saves your team time and hassle, making the day-to-day management of your AWS resources easier and more automated. CloudRanger can also help you save on your EC2 costs by starting/stopping non-production instances automatically when you need them.

Start a 14-Day Free Trial, so you can try out our range of AWS features and benefits for yourselves.



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