How to keep control of your AWS cloud costs

In an interesting recent article by Gavin Clarke in the register, he highlighted that 2015 was the year where AWS became the leader in Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), with Amazon now a major IT infrastructure provider. One of the key reasons AWS has became the leader in this space is the pay-as-you-go pricing model which offers elastic scalability to grow or shrink resource usage based on your business needs and growth.

However, as you start using AWS cloud, you will notice that the costs can spike and spend can creep up with the more services you use. So it’s important to have right cost management tools like CloudRanger that can help with the automated scheduling of tasks, which can help you keep control of your overall AWS costs.

Here, we highlight our top 3 AWS cost saving strategies for your business.

1. Shutdown QA and Dev servers outside of business hours

One of the best strategies for saving costs on your AWS spend is to shut down your QA and Dev servers outside of business hours and during weekends. This currently requires your DevOps staff to manually manage these services and to start/stop services when you want them or to run them at all times. AWS automation tools like Cloud Ranger can start and stop EC2 servers based on your instance tags on Friday night and bring them back online early morning on Monday. It’s easy to set up and can help you save significantly on your overall EC2 costs.

2. Automate backup and snapshot management

Another key factor in saving costs across AWS, is to be able to backup, restore and manage your servers effectively. Cloud Ranger has an easy-to-use console which makes it easy to backup, restore, and manage your snapshots across your servers. You can choose to backup whole servers or take individual volumes. You can also choose to take on-demand backups or set custom retention periods for your snapshots. This ensures that any old snapshots can be deleted and you are not paying for any unused resources. By optimising these AWS resources, you can reduce your costs and limit operational risk by making your resources more efficient and effective.

3. Reduce the number of DevOps manual tasks

Cloud Ranger will not only help you cut your overall AWS cloud costs, but it will also help improve overall efficiency as well. Why not ask yourself, how much is cloud inefficiency costing your business right now? Do your DevOps staff need to be spending their time on repetitive manual tasks when they could be adding value to the business?  We can provide a cost effective and mobile solution, to initiate and control cloud tasks across Amazon Web Services. As your business grows, so will the number of AWS tasks required by your DevOps team. Our automation and scheduling tool supports increasing workloads and also helps create a more agile and dynamic business environment.

CloudRanger can helpfully automate your AWS backup process in minutes.

CloudRanger is a cost-effective SaaS solution that reduces your cloud computing costs by optimizing AWS resources through automation. CloudRanger enables AWS customers to manage your backup processes and schedule automatic start/stop times for idle cloud computing services, so you pay only for the AWS resource you actually use.

We offer a 14-day free trial, so you can try out our range of AWS features and benefits for yourselves.



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