How To Easily Reduce Your AWS Bill With These Cost-Saving Features

Reduce Your AWS Bill

There are many well-known advantages to choosing Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) over traditional onsite servers. Chief among them is the lower cost associated with cloud-computing platforms. But aside from the financial benefits of foregoing a physical IT infrastructure, AWS offers a myriad of other ways to save you money. In the following article, we’ll take a look at how you can utilize various features to easily reduce your AWS bill. We’ll also discuss how third-party vendors like CloudRanger can help lower your cloud-computing costs even further.

Reduce Your AWS Bill With These Cost-Saving Features
1. Flexible Pricing Options

At some point in your childhood, you probably heard the expression, “Take all you want, but eat all you take.” While these words of wisdom were meant to discourage you from wasting food, the sentiment can easily be applied to AWS’ pay-as-you-go pricing structure, also known as on-demand pricing.

With AWS, you are not limited by the physical constraints of onsite IT equipment. As such, it’s easy to quickly scale up as your need for servers and storage increases. But AWS also allows users to quickly scale down, which means you don’t end up having to pay for services you don’t use.

However, AWS also offers a range of other pricing options that could potentially save you even more money depending on your circumstances. Check out our detailed article on the topic for more information.

2. Flexible Scheduling/Custom Monitoring

The ability to save money by scaling down as needed is one thing. But with AWS, users can actually schedule EC2 instances to start or stop in advance. And by pausing nonessential EC2 instances during off-hours (nights, weekends, holidays, etc.), businesses can substantially lower their AWS costs, in some cases by as much as 70 percent.

Aside from EC2 instances, Amazon recently unveiled the ability to schedule RDS instances, which has the potential to further reduce your AWS bill. And by utilizing custom tags with Amazon CloudWatch, you can easily keep track of capacity and usage to help monitor costs and eliminate waste.

What is your AWS backup policy

3. Automation

Aside from the ability to schedule various instances in advance, AWS also allows users to automate numerous tasks. Specifically, users can easily automate data backups, even across different regions, as part of a larger disaster recovery (DR) plan. Whether you’re working with AMIs or EBS snapshots, you’ll save time and money by automating the process and focusing your attention on more important matters. And best of all, the process is completely customizable depending on your business’s tolerance for downtime/data loss, which means you won’t waste money on gratuitous backups.

4. Reduce Your AWS Bill Even Further With CloudRanger

While there are many ways to easily reduce your AWS bills, actually utilizing these cost-saving features may be easier said than done for users who are not well-versed in scripting. But thanks to third-party vendors like CloudRanger, scheduling, and automation are well within reach, even for non-IT/DevOps professionals. By replacing AWS’ clunky user interface with CloudRanger’s straightforward dashboard, all of the previously mentioned features, and more can be utilized in just a few easy steps. And best of all, it can be accomplished without the need for scripting.

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