How does AWS provide an integrated experience on its Mobile Hub platform?

With Amazon AWS Mobile Hub platform providing a simplified process for building ,testing and monitoring mobile applications that make use of one or more services, which was once a time-consuming activity now can be achieved in 10 minutes. You choose the features you want, and the AWS Mobile Hub provisions and configures AWS resources, on your behalf. AWS Mobile Hub lets you easily add and configure features for your mobile apps, including user authentication, data storage, backend logic, push notifications, content delivery, and analytics. Subsequently, Amazon Mobile Hub takes the heavy lifting from integrating and configuring services.

So, How does the AWS Mobile Hub work?

Amazon Mobile Hub offers a range of the evolving features for mobile apps. Mobile Hub is a great way to explore AWS solutions for common mobile app features. A Mobile Hub project is a named collection of AWS features and services that you have selected for your app. Once you have created a project, Mobile Hub allows you to return and modify its features and configuration.

The user sign-in feature








The user sign- in allows you to choose how user’s access or sign-in to your app. Mobile Hub enables your App to authenticate users through Facebook, Google or your customized solution. This is achieved by Amazon Cognito Identity, a free service that configures secure access to AWS services. These temporary limited privileges allows Amazon AWS credentials to access AWS services that you have enabled and configured from your sample App.

What is a sample App you might ask?

Sample Apps depend on the type of authentication you select. Three options are available: No Sign-In, Sign-In is Optional, Sign-In is required. Amazon Mobile Hub creates an Amazon Cognito Identity Pool and a New AWS identity and access management (IAM) role for your App. Mobile Hub updates the IAM roles, and security policies based on the Sign-In features you enabled, as well as a user interface for two of the selected Sign-In Optional and Required, allowing user-friendly interaction for your customers.

Push Notification feature

Push Notification another feature of Mobile Hub enables Amazon Simple Notification Services (Amazon SNS) to send push notification messages to your iOS and Android Apps. You can send messages directly to individual devices that have your app installed or to topics to which you have subscribed your user’s devices.  Amazon (SNS) uses Apple Push Notification messages and Google cloud messaging. Both these maintain a connection with each App and associated mobile device register to use their services. With the return of a device token from both, Amazon (SNS) use this to create a mobile endpoint where the messages are sent. The sample App provided by the Mobile Hub contains code to retrieve and update your push token, registering each device running your app for push notification and subscribe each instance to an example “All Device” topic.

App Content Delivery feature

App Content delivery can be used in conjunction with Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront. This enables the customer to set up cloud storage for application assets i.e. Resource files audio or video files. These can be accessed through your App only or you can make them publicly available and cached in AWS global content delivery network. With Amazon S3 storing content in a single storage location and Amazon CloudFront storing in a global network edge location. Unnecessary downloads are avoided by the generated sample app with code enabling local caching of downloaded files in your client App.

User Data Storage feature

User Data Storage allows the user to store files I.e. photos and documents in the cloud and save user profile such as App settings or game state in key-pair values. Mobile Hub creates an Amazon S3 bucket and modifies the IAM roles associated with your Amazon Cognito identity pools, so that sample app users can read and write to the bucket in both the public and private folders. Two folders are created in Amazon S3 bucket. One with app user access permissions to view files stored there and one with access permission set, to limit user access to their files only. Mobile Hub also configures Amazon Cognito Sync so that you can save and sync user profile data as key-value pairs.

App Analytics feature

App analytics allow you to collect and visualise user metrics for your mobile app. You can collect start or stop events monetization metrics and custom events that you define. When you choose this feature AWS mobile hub adds code that defines your events to the sample app. This feature is provided by AWS Mobile Analytics, a service for collecting visualising understanding and extracting app usage data scale.

Cloud logic feature

Cloud logic feature is provided by AWS lambda and allows you to write code without worrying about managing framework and scaling backend infrastructure. Cloud logic enables you to write back end services that you can call from your mobile app chiefly used to process business logic in the cloud. With the ability to share the same code for your android and iOS apps, Code can be changed on-the-fly in JavaScript, Java or Python.

No SQL database feature

This feature allows you to create Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL tables that can restore and receive data for use by your app. Example table templates are provided but you can also create and design the schema of your tables. Mobile Hub dynamically provides a list and examples of queries made available by your choices. The sample app contains a demonstration of using the DynamoDB mapper to perform queries on scans against No SQL tables you configured in your mobile hub project and the project contains everything needed to carry out these functions including, demos and code.

App Testing feature

This feature improves the quality of your iOS, Android, and web apps by testing them on real phones and tablets in the AWS Cloud and is powered by AWS Device Farm.


With Mobile Hub and the creations of a Mobile Hub project, Mobile Hub allows you to return and modify its features and configuration. With all these features available, combined with AWS services, client SDKs and code, make it fast and easy to add new capabilities to your mobile App. With the onus today, on the fast turnaround of information, whether it is social, media or business, AWS Mobile Hub provides an ideal platform for mobile apps and services to work seamlessly together.

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