Enterprise Ireland HPSU – ‘The Class of 2015’

The Start-Up Class of 2015 is the largest High Potential Start-Up event in the calendar year bringing together the HPSU companies which Enterprise Ireland has invested in during 2015.

Supporting the establishment of new start-up businesses and new business sectors is crucial to the creation of a vibrant business sector in Ireland. The entrepreneurs and founders represented in the Enterprise Ireland ‘Class of 2015’, including CloudRanger, have already achieved success; establishing new business with competitive products and services developed by their ambitious and capable founders, whose innovation, hard-work and determination has led them to where they are today. Enterprise Ireland has partnered with these companies to help them achieve this success through the High Potential Start-Up Fund (HPSU) to help open doors of opportunity in global markets.

Economic Contribution made by Start-up Businesses

Start-ups are a powerful engine of economic growth because they lead to significant job creation, especially at a regional level in areas such as Co. Donegal. Recognising the important economic contribution made by start-up businesses to the Irish economy, Enterprise Ireland have now expanded their mandate, and now work with a broader base of new start-up businesses, through Local Enterprise Offices.

For the companies such as ourselves, success will result in the ability to grow our business  to a scale that delivers optimal return on the investment made. CloudRanger provides SaaS software across international markets to users of cloud computing which automates and schedules tasks for users across their cloud providers like Amazon Web Services to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The Ambition is to Achieve Success

For Enterprise Ireland, the return on driving Irish enterprise will be in the jobs created in towns and villages all across Ireland. The aim is to harness the innate ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ that exists in Ireland, to motivate creative business people to innovate, to disrupt and to drive growth, through internationalisation. The ambition for, the ‘Start-up Class of 2015, is that they will achieve success and that their businesses will be the Irish business success stories in the years to come. All the indicators are that the growth trajectory for Irish enterprise if very much upwards. The feedback from across the world is that ‘doors are open for Ireland’.

The Enterprise Ireland HPSU Class of 2015 highlights and acknowledges the new high potential start-up companies that Enterprise Ireland has directly invested in and supported in 2015. These are the new ambitious promoters that will go on to become part of the ever-growing number of internationally focussed Irish companies that each year are increasing Irish exports and Irish jobs. The annual event is one of the largest gatherings of Irish startups and investors and is seen as a great testament to the strength and vibrancy of our start-up environment.

The Enterprise Ireland HPSU Investor Day

The Enterprise Ireland  HPSU Investor Day – Class of 2015 is being held on the 10th February at The Printworks, Dublin Castle.  In attendance will be 100+ HPSUs that raised seed investment in 2015, 100+ winners of Competitive Start Fund (CSF), and 100+ VCs, Seed Funds and Angel Investors. There will also be representatives from organisations that provide support for start-ups.

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