Utilizing DRaaS To Ensure AWS Business Continuity

aws business continuity

In theory, everyone seems to agree on the need for a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan. But for IT professionals tasked with ensuring AWS business continuity, theory and reality are two very different things. After all, finding vocal managerial support for a DR plan is one thing. Finding the actual funds to implement it is another.

When pitching a DR plan, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to project ROI. It’s hard to accurately gauge the value of something that will hopefully never be used. As with fire extinguishers or airbags, DR plans are usually taken for granted until something goes horribly wrong. For that reason, it might be better to frame a DR plan in terms of an insurance policy that will mitigate possible losses rather than an investment that will produce tangible gains or cost savings. And as with other types of insurance, it might also make sense to bring in a third-party vendor to handle your disaster recovery needs.

In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at why companies need to view disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), and how CloudRanger’s easy-to-use platform can help ensure AWS business continuity.

AWS Business Continuity – Insurance, Not Investment

Most businesses wouldn’t dream of operating without having proper insurance policies in place to hedge against disasters scenarios. Unfortunately, this same mentality does not always translate to IT disaster recovery plans, at least as far as management is concerned.

A 2016 survey conducted by Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) revealed a major divide between how business executives and IT professionals view DR preparation. According to writer Scott Kinka, 70 percent of executives felt their organization was “very prepared” for a disaster, while less than 50 percent of IT professionals agreed with this view.

This seemingly delusional attitude on the part of many executives is even more staggering when exploring the estimated cost of downtime. According to Alan Shimel of Devops.com, a 2015 report by AppDynamics found that unplanned application outages cost Fortune 1000 companies $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion per year. The report also found that the average hourly cost during an infrastructure failure is $100,000, while the average hourly cost for an application failure was $500,000 to $1 million. Lastly, over a fifth of DevOps professionals surveyed for the report claimed that “lack of executive support” was their biggest impediment.

Interestingly enough, the DRJ survey found that when compared to their counterparts, IT professionals at businesses which utilized DRaaS were 17.5 percent more confident about their DR plans. This is due in no small part to the fact that by utilizing cloud-based, geographically diversified disaster-recovery methods such as a “warm standby” or “multi-site solution,” DRaaS can produce a nearly seamless transition to backup programs/sites in the event of a disaster. And given the staggering cost of downtime, it’s clear that more business executives need to be made aware of the benefits of DRaaS options.

CloudRanger DRaaS

As mentioned above, when pitching a DR strategy, it makes sense to frame it as a form of insurance rather than an investment. And as with other forms of insurance, it also makes sense to enlist a third-party vendor like CloudRanger than specializes in DRaaS.

Our award-winning cloud-computing platform will make it easy to streamline your backup process and simplify disaster recovery. With CloudRanger, you can quickly copy snapshots and AMIs across AWS regions for DR, and restore them to unattached volumes, attach them to existing instances, or perform a file level restore. And best of all, CloudRanger’s intuitive dashboard eliminates the need for in-house scripting, which means ensuring AWS business continuity is as easy as pushing a few buttons.

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