Elastic Network Adapter High Performance Network Interface for Amazon EC2

Last month, on June 28th Amazon announced the rollout of the next generation network interface and associated drivers which will provide greater network capabilities for Amazon EC2 instances. This custom network interface has been designed to give high throughput and packet per second performance (PPS) and low latencies on EC2 instances. Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) provides a network bandwidth of 20Gbps on certain EC2 instance types. ENA was designed to make sure that customer workloads are not bottlenecked by the network.

Designed to work with Amazon X1 Instances

ENA is designed to work with modern processors such as those found on X1 instances and can take full advantage of the multiple virtual CPU technology found on these processors. ENA minimises the load on the host processor and efficiently distributes packet processing workloads across the multiple virtual CPUs.

To make use of Amazon ENA, AWS has also developed a new driver which is currently available for use with the Linux AMI and will also soon be available for use with Windows AMIs. A driver for the Intel Data Plane Development Kit is also available for developers. These drivers are Open Source and are available on GitHub. Any developers wishing to use ENA with their custom AMI will have to set the ENA support attribute when registering it.

Scale and Growth

ENA will scale and grow as bandwidth capability grows and CPU count increases enabling users to take advantage of higher bandwidth capabilities without requiring them to install new drivers or make any configuration changes.

Amazon EC2 has made ENA available for X1 instances and are also planning to make it available for future EC2 instance types.

For more information on using an ENA for enhanced networking with the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) on Linux Instances in a VPC, with speeds up to 20 Gbps for X1 instances visit the AWS documentation page here

AWS EC2 Scheduling

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