Does Amazon Web Services keep backups? To what extent?

By default, Amazon Web Services(AWS) do not keep backups. It is the responsibility of the end-user to provision backups. However,  AWS offers a wide range of backup and recovery solution for enterprise architecture, backup architecture, and IT administrators who are responsible for protecting data in their enterprise. While AWS offer solutions for backup and recovery, identifying and designing your business requirements, are fundamental in selecting the correct service that best meets your demands.

So, why use AWS to protect your data?

AWS offer a secure, low cost, high performance computing platform for your business needs, that is easy to use, provides you with all the required tools and resources needed for backup, recovery and scalability.  Takes the headache out of identifying and designing business requirements, no need to worry about durability of your system. Global infrastructure allows you to backup and store in regions that meet your compliance requirements. With all AWS infrastructure meeting the required certification and standards in all regions backups are compatible with your existing regions.

EBS Volume Snapshots

When services are not “Cloud Native” and are running in Amazon EC2 compute, instance can use Amazon Elastic Block Storage(EBS) and Amazon Simple Storage Services(S3) allowing snapshots of any EBS volumes to be placed in S3 storage where it can be stored in multiple availability  zones. With an EBS snapshot, the first instance is a full copy of the volume, and the next consecutive snapshots store the additional block-level changes only, enabling restoring and transferring  between regions with a command line interface. By creating snapshots, you are protecting your data directly to a durable disk-based storage. Because snapshots are fast to execute and the backup window is small outage time is predictable and scheduled.

Securing backup data in AWS

With security been the foundation of every service AWS launches Amazon Simple Storage Services(S3) provide strong capabilities for access control and encryption both at rest and in transit. All Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier API endpoints support SSL encryption for data transit, while Amazon Glacier encrypts all data at rest by default. These Object storage cloud application and content distribution services, used in conjunction with Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute EC2 , Amazon Elastic Block Storage EBS, Amazon Identity  Access Management (IAM), data migration services and  gateways, Amazon AWS security best practices can be easily implemented. Amazon recently launched the New Cross-Account copying of encrypted EBS snapshots enabling an extra layer of account isolation and encryption key management more information can be found on this from a recent blog by CloudRanger or by reading the Amazon EBS Documentation.

For more information on backup and recovery approaches using Amazon Web Services, download the whitepaper from June 2016, here.

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