How To Easily Create AWS Cross Account Backups

aws cross account backups

Since we have released the latest version of our CloudRanger software, we have received multiple requests from customers to allow AWS cross account backup and recovery functionality across multiple AWS accounts using CloudRanger in order to best prepare for a disaster scenario. 

We already provide the functionality to copy a snapshot to another region within AWS, but many of our customers are also looking to ensure their data and snapshots are stored in an additional AWS account. This means it is guarded separately from the origin AWS account to ensure backup data is safe from any potential security breaches and or compromised accounts.

So today, we are delighted to announce that our AWS cross account backup and restore functionality, allowing customers to automatically copy and recover snapshots between AWS accounts is now available.

Getting started with AWS Cross Account Backups

Within the CloudRanger console, when you create a backup policy, this will automatically generate a backup in the origin AWS region. If you require a cross-account backup to another of your AWS accounts, we now make it easy to do this.

When you choose the ADVANCED option from the main backup policy section, Simply, click on the checkbox and select the chosen AWS account and region you would like to save the additional backup copy.

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This will then save the additional copy in your chosen account and the retention of these EBS snapshots or AMIs in your additional account will be the same as outlined in your backup policy. The AWS cross account backup functionality is now available to all CloudRanger users on our Growth and High Volume pricing plans. If you are interested in arranging a demo of our software to find out more, please get in touch.

About CloudRanger

By using our newly updated AWS cross-account and cross-region backup functionality, your organization will ensure business continuity in the result of a disaster scenario. Our award-winning cloud-computing platform will make it easy to streamline your AWS cloud backup policies and simplify your disaster recovery. With CloudRanger, you can quickly copy snapshots and AMIs across AWS regions for DR, and restore them to unattached volumes, attach them to existing instances, or perform a file level restore. And best of all, CloudRanger’s intuitive dashboard eliminates the need for in-house scripting, which means ensuring AWS business continuity is as easy as pushing a few buttons.

Try CloudRanger For Free

Whether you are a small business, a medium business, or an enterprise user of Amazon Web Services, CloudRanger has features that will meet your specific needs. Our AWS cloud management system is easy to install, which means your business can be up and running with CloudRanger in no time. And best of all, you can even try CloudRanger for free for 14 days. So why not experience all the features and benefits CloudRanger has to offer?







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