Control Cloud Costs

Elasticity, or the ability to match compute demand to supply, is one of the fundamental properties of the cloud.  AWS Auto Scaling seamlessly adds or removes compute capacity over a bank of AWS EC2s.  However, if your company doesn’t use Auto Scaling and runs EC2 instances that aren’t needed 24/7, you can be throwing money away.  Instances that aren’t continuously performing some type of compute function, like hosting a website, should be shut down to save costs.

About CloudRanger

CloudRanger can help to fully automate your AWS backup process in minutes.

CloudRanger is a cost-effective SaaS solution that reduces your cloud computing costs by optimizing AWS resources through automation. CloudRanger enables AWS customers to manage your backup processes and schedule automatic start/stop times for idle cloud computing services, so you pay only for the AWS resource you actually use.

We offer a 14-day free trial, so you can try out our range of AWS features and benefits for yourselves.


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