CloudRanger joins the AWS SaaS Partner Program

One of Amazon Web Services main goals is to help APN Partners build, promote, grow, and manage SaaS offerings on AWS, and we’re happy to announce that CloudRanger is now an official partner of the AWS SaaS Partner Program.

What is the AWS SaaS Partner Program?

The AWS SaaS Partner Program is intended to help accelerate the creation of on-demand (SaaS) software on the AWS platform by providing resources to grow the number of companies who build SaaS solutions on AWS, and the number of solutions they develop. Today there are a number of resources and benefits available to qualifying APN Partners.

Fostering the Unique Needs of SaaS Businesses

Through the AWS SaaS Partner Program, Amazon provide participating APN Partners with specific guidance and resources tailored to the unique approach they take to develop and market SaaS solutions on AWS. Companies, such as CloudRanger looking to build their business solely around new SaaS solutions, may be more heavily focused on acquiring new customers and understanding the strategy around marketing their services. Other companies, such as those transforming their existing business model from a license-based pricing model to a subscription-based pricing model, may look for more guidance around redefining pricing strategy and sales compensation programs.

How do AWS Customers Benefit from the Program?

SaaS solutions provide customers with simplicity and flexibility, both in terms of deployment and pricing models.The AWS SaaS Partner Program, has a strong customer-centric approach to help Program participants address the needs of the customers who consume SaaS offerings. Many APN Partners are looking not only to build a SaaS product, but also to build a rich portfolio of SaaS Services to benefit end customers.

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