Cloud Elasticity

According to Verizon’s recently released State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016 report, 87% of enterprises are trusting the cloud with at least one mission critical workloads, up from the 60% in 2013 and 71% in 2014.

In addition to the growth of cloud used for critical workloads, it is growing for general use as well. Of those surveyed for the report, 84% said their cloud use had increased over the past year. Also, around half of the companies said they’ll be using cloud for 75% of their workloads, or more, by 2018.

Cloud Elasticity

With the significant increase in cloud usage expected over the coming years,  one thing is consistently clear: Elasticity and the ability to match demand to supply, is one of the fundamental requirements of the cloud.

If your business is running AWS EC2 instances that aren’t needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is a good chance you may be throwing a significant chunk of money away.   If you have a number of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances that aren’t continuously performing some type of critical workload function (for example hosting a website) these should be shut down when not required in order to save costs.

In recent  research from Deloitte, it was  shown that 85% of organisations utilise the cloud to save costs however 97% still use manual steps to initiate and control tasks and 63% have yet to realise cost savings. By utilising cloud automation software, these repetitive manual tasks can be significantly reduced and your Elasticity model for your business can be significantly optimised.

Cloud automation software can schedule recurring everyday tasks such as shutting down servers out of hours, as well as creating and deleting server snapshots as and when required. By reducing the manual steps required to do these tasks, it allows IT teams to focus their efforts on more value-add tasks for the business.

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