Cloud Computing Forecasts 2015 – Forbes

Forbes have recently released a roundup of the Cloud Computing Forecasts and Market Estimates for the coming years, and they make for some interesting reading for all those who are IT decision makers.

Key Stats from Forbes
  • By 2018, 59% of the total cloud workloads with be Software-as-a Service (SaaS) workloads, up from 41% in 2013 (Cisco).
  • 42% of IT decision makers are planng to increase spending on cloud computing in 2015 (Computerworld)
  • Global SaaS software revenues are forecasted to reach $106bn in 2016, increasing 21% over projected 2015 levels (Forrester)
  • By 2018, IDC forecasts that public cloud spending will more than double to $127bn
  • By 2018, more than 60% of enterprises will have at least half of their infrastruture on cloud-based platforms

(Source: Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts and Market Estimates, 2015)


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