Celebrating 10 Years of AWS with free qwikLABS

It’s hard to believe, but Amazon Web Services yesterday celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the release of its first services. In that 10 years the company has moved from a tiny arm of Amazon to a dominant cloud company that rules the market.

Amazon Web Services launched Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) on March 14th, 2006. Since the release of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), the company has grown to over a million customers. It originally started by being adopted by developers with the company finding a niche in the start-up community. This role saw AWS helping them to innovate quickly by giving them access to services around queuing, object storage and resources. You can learn some fun facts in this infographic, and read retrospective blog posts on the past 10 years from AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr and Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels.

To celebrate turning 10 years old this week, Jeff Barr confirmed that AWS have agreed to make the entire set of qwikLABS online labs and learning quests available to all current and potential AWS customers. This means you can learn, experiment and build with a broad collection of tutorials and sandboxes, available for free until the end of March 2016.

Real training, real-time, real environments.

Authorized AWS training with live console access, for a limited time, from now until 31st March 2016! Get hands-on practice working with cloud technologies and software. Train on-demand and learn at your own pace.

A qwikLAB is a live hands-on learning environment along with a set of instructions to walk you through a real-world scenario based use-case. In a Lab you will have access to the actual environment you want to learn about, not a simulation or demo environment. Labs may be accessed through a standard browser anywhere there is Internet access. Many Labs require Lab Credits or an Access key to run (see FAQs for details), but we also have a variety of introductory free Labs as well.

Take as many of the 95 labs as you can handle and see how many badges you can earn. What you learn is totally up to you. But hurry—this special event is available until the end of March.

And congratulations to AWS on an awesome ten years, here’s t0 the next ten years.

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