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How to create EC2 Server Snapshots By Instance Tag with CloudRanger

Many users of Amazon Web Services (AWS) are looking for a backup solution to easily manage snapshots, scheduling and the deletion of old snapshots. You can achieve this by writing your own script or by using an AWS backup solution such as CloudRanger to manage this for you.
CloudRanger is a leading backup and recovery solution for Amazon EC2 & RDS resources. Our solution focuses on the scheduling of backups and the retention policies around your snapshots. It can automate all aspects of the AWS backup process, including cross-region backups for disaster recovery, and will provide you with peace of mind that backups are always being done.
In this blog post, we are going to explain how you can easily set up a task to create an AWS EC2 Server Snapshot By Instance Tag with CloudRanger.

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CloudRanger now available on the AWS Marketplace

We’re pleased to announce that our CloudRanger SaaS offering is now available in the AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace provides a way for customers around the globe to find, buy, and immediately start using software that runs on AWS by simplifying licensing, purchasing, and deployment of software to the AWS Cloud. With more than 2,300 software listings, AWS Marketplace includes an array of enterprise, open source, and business software products provided by APN Partners. This year, AWS has added more than 500 new listings across 800 independent software vendors (ISVs), including CloudRanger.

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Enterprise Ireland HPSU – ‘The Class of 2015’

The Start-Up Class of 2015 is the largest High Potential Start-Up event in the calendar year bringing together the HPSU companies which Enterprise Ireland has invested in during 2015.

Supporting the establishment of new start-up businesses and new business sectors is crucial to the creation of a vibrant business sector in Ireland. The entrepreneurs and founders represented in the Enterprise Ireland ‘Class of 2015’, including Cloud Ranger, have already achieved success; establishing new business with competitive products and services developed by their ambitious and capable founders, whose innovation, hard-work and determination has led them to where they are today. Enterprise Ireland has partnered with these companies to help them achieve this success through the High Potential Start-Up Fund (HPSU) to help open doors of opportunity in global markets.

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AWS Snapshots and the benefits of scheduling

AWS Storage Gateway provides the ability to back up point-in-time snapshots of your data to Amazon S3 for durable recovery. You can use the snapshot backups later on-premises or in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and you can take snapshots on a one-time or scheduled basis. In this blog, we show you the most common tasks that you can perform with snapshots, including creating a snapshot and restoring the snapshot to a volume that can then be mounted as an iSCSI device. When you restore a snapshot to an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume, the volume can then be attached to an Amazon EC2 instance.

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CloudRanger joins the AWS SaaS Partner Program

One of Amazon Web Services main goals is to help APN Partners build, promote, grow, and manage SaaS offerings on AWS, and we’re happy to announce that CloudRanger is now an official partner of the AWS SaaS Partner Program.

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How to choose the best cloud solution for your business

According to Gartner, the use of cloud computing is growing and by 2017 nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments.  The opportunity for you to develop and administer unique business solutions for your customer is now.

How do you choose the best cloud solution for your customers?

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How does Cloud change IT budget planning?

Stephen J Bigelow of TechTarget writes this week about the impact of cloud on IT budgets.  Traditionally computing was capital-intensive and depended on on-site technology and staff.  When a business needed a service, such as Microsoft Exchange, it would budget for servers, software licenses, and often infrastructure.  The business would then wait for weeks (or months) for the servers delivery and installation which would then require deployment and testing.  IT staff would assign user rights and if issues arose, IT would deal with them.

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Cloud Computing Forecasts 2015 – Forbes

Forbes have recently released a roundup of the Cloud Computing Forecasts and Market Estimates for the coming years, and they make for some interesting reading for all those who are IT decision makers.

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