Category: EC2 Scheduler

We are delighted to announce that you can now configure your AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Groups to operate on your chosen schedule using the CloudRanger platform. Previously, this functionality was only available through the AWS Application Programming Interface (API)Command Line Interface (CLI), and AWS CloudFormation.

AWS EC2 Auto Scaling based on a schedule allows you to scale your application in response to predictable load changes. For example, if the traffic to your web application consistently increases on Wednesday, remains high on Thursday, and starts to decrease on Friday, you can use scheduled Auto Scaling to automatically increase capacity to match the predictable traffic patterns of your web application.

AWS EC2 Auto Scaling allows you to automatically scale your EC2 resources based on demand within certain parameters. CloudRanger Auto Scaling schedules allow you to adjust these parameters, in a fully automated way. The minimum, maximum and desired values of an Auto Scaling Group (ASG) are the boundaries to which your scaling is confined. We allow you to dynamically adjust these limits and in case of emergency, to perform a one-off adjustment to your ASG.


There are many well-known advantages to choosing Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) over traditional onsite servers. Chief among them is the lower cost associated with cloud-computing platforms. But aside from the financial benefits of foregoing a physical IT infrastructure, AWS offers a myriad of other ways to save you money. In the following article, we’ll take a look at how you can utilize various features to easily reduce your AWS bill. We’ll also discuss how third-party vendors like CloudRanger can help lower your cloud-computing costs even further.


In theory, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) has the potential to save your business a significant amount of time and money. But in practice, the complicated AWS interface prevents many would-be users from taking full advantage of the cloud-computing platform. However, thanks to the newest version of the award-winning CloudRanger system and its easy-to-use dashboard, streamlining your business’ AWS backups, disaster recovery and server control has never been easier.

In the following article, we’ll highlight some of the key features found in the newly updated CloudRanger, and explain how they can save your business both time and money on your AWS bill. We’ll also fill you in on how your business can take advantage of a free 14-day trial and experience first-hand how CloudRanger can automate and simplify your routine AWS tasks.