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A Guide To Choosing The Best Amazon EC2 Pricing Options

In order to get the best value when using Amazons EC2 service, you should evaluate the following in order to get the best value from the EC2 pricing that suits your application and business needs. One of the most important things to consider when setting up your EC2 instances is what pricing type meets your applications needs best. You will also have to choose an EC2 instance type that will suit your compute needs. There is a wide range of instances available and each instance type will vary in price.

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How choosing the right EC2 pricing option can keep you out of trouble

If you are new to Amazon Web Services, you might be asking why it is so important to pick the right EC2 pricing option? Can I not just use on-demand? Is it really worth my effort exploring other options? Well, the idea of cutting your hourly instance costs for each instance running in AWS means it can keep you out of trouble and stay in good books with your boss and the finance department. With regards to managing your IT infrastructure, there is a constant struggle between optimizing costs and delivering features. In this blog, we are going to make it easier for you to stay out of trouble with your boss and select the best EC2 pricing options for your applications.

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Organize AWS resources with 50 Tags per resource

Amazon recently announced via their excellent blog, “Now Organize Your AWS Resources by Using up to 50 Tags per Resource”. So  what does this mean for AWS customers? As we recently highlighted in an earlier blog “Why is the use of tagging for EBS volumes so important in AWS?”, this new announcement will enable customers, to have 50 tags per resource. Woohoo!

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How to keep control of your AWS cloud costs

In an interesting recent article by Gavin Clarke in the register, he highlighted that 2015 was the year where AWS became the leader in Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), with Amazon now a major IT infrastructure provider. One of the key reasons AWS has became the leader in this space is the pay-as-you-go pricing model which offers elastic scalability to grow or shrink resource usage based on your business needs and growth.

However, as you start using AWS cloud, you will notice that the costs can spike and spend can creep up with the more services you use. So it’s important to have right cost management tools like CloudRanger that can help with the automated scheduling of tasks, which can help you keep control of your overall AWS costs.

Here, we highlight our top 3 AWS cost saving strategies for your business.

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