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AWS now lets you migrate MongoDB databases to Dynamo DB

Functionality of DMS has been updated to support a leading no SQL database MongoDB

Amazon Web Services announced on the 10th of April that their Database Migration Service (DMS) functionality has been updated to support one of the leading Dev NoSQL databases –MongoDB. This new addition to the DMS allows for data to be streamed from a MongoDB along with any of the other supported databases on AWS.

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Does DynamoDB have a dependency on Amazon S3?

Thousands of customers use Amazon DynamoDB to build popular applications for Gaming, Mobile, Ad-tech, Internet-of-Things  and Modern Web applications. Developers all over the world are using Amazon DynamoDB to build applications that take advantage of its ability to provide consistent low-latency performance. Developers enjoy the flexibility provided by DynamoDB’s schema-less model, along with the ability to scale capacity up and down as needed. But we want to ask the question, does DynamoDB have a dependency on Amazon S3?

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