The benefits of automated AWS backups

Let’s be honest, we are all busy people and where possible,  we want to automate tasks. We want to be able to set something up and then forget about it, safe in the knowledge that it’s being taken care of in the background.

Although AWS allow you to take snapshots of your EBS volumes, it still requires some manual effort and is subject to human error. In this blog post, we will look in more detail at the benefits of AWS snapshot and backup automation.

The feedback we get regularly get from our customers here at CloudRanger, is that they are looking for an easy way to automate snapshots of an EC2 instance and related EBS volumes on a regular basis, without the hassle of scripting and their ongoing upkeep. 

The Importance of Snapshots

The traditional backup procedure associated with data sets would potentially throw up several issues along the way, like version skew which could result in data corruption. Also, the resources required to carry out the task, and the time it would take to complete could present significant problems. This is where snapshot automation technology, like that offered by CloudRanger, can be of great benefit. A snapshot, in basic terms, is a copy of a data set at a particular moment in time, in other words, you don’t need to backup your entire data set to get full data protection which may be essential for mission critical businesses.

Snapshots are a much more efficient way of carrying out these type of tasks as it works like a photograph of the state of a particular volume of storage, a database or a virtual machine at a particular moment in time. This technology has enabled businesses to carry out efficient backing up of data and assets with a fraction of the infrastructure and resource utilization and storage required. We recently wrote about this, highlighting that AWS has now made snapshots even more economical than before, with EBS Snapshots now 47% cheaper across all AWS regions. 

The Benefits of Automated Backups

As an organisation grows over time, the underlying infrastructure that the organisation relies upon will also grow and tasks like snapshotting of system states can grow exponentially. As a result of this growth, in cases like this, the process of snapshot automation will become increasingly important and increasingly time-consuming which could hinder productivity, as Enterprise customers of AWS will have to go through a very manual and time-consuming process of managing hardware-based backups such as snapshots.

Being able to automate can resolve many time-consuming tasks when it comes to cloud computing and free up businesses to concentrate on delivering services to their customers and growing their brand. The automation process can be set up using a specific set of parameters and business rules to make sure that all relevant compliance and regulatory standards are met. However, there is still the problem of managing and updating the scripts that carry out these tasks on your behalf and although snapshot automation will remove some of the heavy lifting associated with the procedure it does not eradicate it altogether.

So, How Does It Work?

What happens if the script didn’t run in the first place? What if a scheduled job was stopped on a related instance but the failure is only now being discovered? It is important to make sure that everything is running based on your schedules and business requirements.

For example, many of our existing customers are looking for a process like this to become automated – Schedule a snapshot every 8 hours, every day, which works out around 90 snapshots per month.

So basically, users want to schedule a snapshot of the volume every 8 hours throughout the month and they would like for this to be automatic, scheduled at set times. The CloudRanger console makes this possible. If something goes wrong with the EC2 instance you are working with, you are able to attach the backed up snapshot, and we will send you an email notification straight away to inform you if the task has failed.


Our AWS backup automation solution can become an essential part of your cloud as it involves the safety of your EC2 instance and EBS volumes that are important for compliance and the needs of your business.

We offer an easy way to automate scheduled snapshots of an EC2 instance and related EBS volumes, without the hassle of coding and the ongoing regular upkeep of scripts, so you are safe in the knowledge that tasks are being carried out through our email alert notifications.

Also, if you’re interested in scheduling your Amazon EC2 non-production environment resources, we offer an automated scheduling solution for your Amazon EC2 instances so you can automatically start and stop instances, to help save on unnecessary costs .

About CloudRanger

CloudRanger offer a simple DevOps automation solution to make it easy to manage backups & servers on AWS cloud. Using CloudRanger, you can easily backup your RDS and EC2 instances with snapshots and AMIs.

With an easy to use interface, managing your routine AWS tasks is simple and effective. CloudRanger saves your team time and hassle, making the day-to-day management of your AWS resources easier and more automated. CloudRanger can also help you save on your EC2 costs by starting/stopping non-production instances automatically when you need them.

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