AWS now lets you migrate MongoDB databases to Dynamo DB

AWS migrate MongoDB databases

Amazon Web Services announced on the 10th of April that their Database Migration Service (DMS) functionality has been updated to support one of the leading Dev NoSQL databases –MongoDB. This new addition to the DMS allows for data to be streamed from a MongoDB along with any of the other supported databases on AWS, making it easy to migrate MongoDB databases to Dynamo DB.

Migrate MongoDB Databases to Dynamo DB

Amazon DMS supports a wide range of databases Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP ASE. Data can now be streamed from a Mongo database to any of the other supported databases or between two mongo databases using DMS.

Data Migrations can be broken into two types, Homogenous and Heterogeneous. Homogenous is when the two databases are alike/compatible. A homogenous migration stream can be done with a single click of a button after the source and target databases have been selected. A heterogeneous is a two-step process. The first step is to use the AWS conversion tool to convert the source database schema and code to match the target database.  The DMS will then migrate the converted data onto the target database. The location of the source and target databases will vary. The target database can be hosted on EC2 or RDS.

Benefits of using Amazon DMS

There are many benefits of using Amazons DMS. It is reliable, easy to set up, low-cost, supports a wide range of databases. DMS constantly monitors network connectivity, target databases and replication instances which enhance reliability.  Unlike other database migration services, Amazon DMS is very cost effective regardless of data stream type. You only pay for the compute resources used during the migration process and any other log storage used. DMS is also easy to set up. When a migration task has been set to run, DMS handles any other complications. DMS allows you to migrate databases to AWS with no downtime. When migrating the source database is fully operational.

Amazon DMS can also be used to perform continuous data replication.  Continuous data replication can be used for multiple purposes including disaster recovery, geographic distribution, instance synchronisation and dev/Test environments. An AWS migration is significantly cheaper than any other traditional migration processes, which means many users will jump at the chance to migrate MongoDB databases to Dynamo DB.

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