AWS cuts prices of EBS volume snapshots by 47%

At this year’s AWS Summit in New York, Amazon Web Services announced, the very welcome news, that they are lowering the cost of EBS volume snapshots of data stored in the Elastic Block Store (EBS) service by 47 percent!

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is an AWS block storage system that is designed for storing persistent data. If you want to backup the data that is on your EBS volume it is possible with snapshots. It’s even possible to instruct EBS to make snapshots when data on EBS gets updated. EBS volumes are typically attached to applications running inside AWS EC2 virtual machine instances and persist even after EC2 instances are terminated, unlike local EC2 instance storage.

Cheaper EBS Volume Snapshots

EBS Snapshots are now 47% cheaper across all AWS regions. With this change, AWS has aimed to make snapshots even more economical than they were. As a result of this change, you can take backups more often in order to reduce recovery time after human errors. If you have never used snapshots to take backups of your EBS volumes on a regular basis, there has never been a better time to start!

Check out the AWS EBS pricing documentation for more details.

Increased PIOPS per GiB

With Provisioned IOPS, you can specify the precise level of performance that you require for each EBS volume. According to Amazon the number of PIOPS that you can configure is a function of the volume size. The larger the volume, the more PIOPS you can configure, up to a per-volume maximum of 20,000 PIOPS.

The feature of being able to set PIOPS to adjust an expected amount of performance for each EBS volume has gotten more powerful as AWS has increased the amount of PIOPS available per GiB.
Until now, you could provision up to 30 IOPS per GiB of SSD-backed storage. Now, you can provision up to 50 IOPS per GiB for new EBS volumes (a 66% increase). Amazon also claims that “when attached to EBS-optimized instances, Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) volumes are designed to deliver within 10% of the provisioned IOPS performance 99.9% of the time in a given year. Your exact performance depends on your application’s I/O requirements”.


Changes to snapshot pricing have been automatically put in place to the beginning of the month (August 1, 2016) which means it I now in effect. Amazon warns that during the month, your billing estimates may not reflect the reduced prices. They will be reflected in the statement at the end of the month. The EBS volume snapshot price is reduced in all regions.

As Jeff Barr, mentioned in the official AWS Blog, “With this change, snapshots are even more economical! As a result, you can take backups more frequently in order to reduce recovery time after human errors. If you are not making backups of your EBS volumes on a regular basis, now is a good time to start!”

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