How the AWS Application Discovery Service helps ease legacy migration pain.

AWS Application Discovery Service

One of the most important tools developed by Amazon Web Services over recent months, targeting the Enterprise market, is the AWS Application Discovery Service. This service is designed to make it easier for Enterprise businesses who are considering moving their application from an on-premises model to a fully integrated cloud model with all the benefits such as security, scalability, reliability and efficiency that come with the public cloud model.

In one of our previous blogs, we looked at the AWS Cloud Adoption framework from a security perspective, which outlines best practices which will enable organisations to go from the traditional on-premises IT model to full adoption of cloud services. In this blog, we are going to look further into the AWS Application Discovery service, which will help you to discover on-premises application inventory and dependencies.

So, what is the AWS Application Discovery Service?

The AWS Application Discovery Service tool itself will be installed on any application host and is designed to help system integrators develop and plan an effective cloud migration strategy by identifying the applications running in on-premises data centres and their associated dependencies. The service will detect the customer needs in relation to adopting public cloud resources by identifying network dependencies, bandwidth requirements, firewall rules as well as any other applications that are dependent on that particular application, measuring the baseline performance of the application in terms of CPU and memory usage.

What are the benefits of the AWS Application Discovery Service?

AWS Application Discovery Service automatically identifies installed applications, network dependencies, and system performance data.  Data from the service can be used to find multi-tier applications that should be migrated as a group

Easily Integrate with Cloud migration tools

AWS Application Discovery Service provides a set of public APIs and an open data format. This approach allows you to collect data from other discovery solutions in the Application Discovery database, and use this data in a cloud migration solution or within a cloud migration framework provided by System Integration partners.

Protect Data with end-to-end encryption

AWS Application Discovery Service helps ensure that collected application configuration data is protected end-to-end by encrypting it on-premises, maintaining encryption in transit to AWS, and storing in an encrypted format in the Application Discovery database.

Consult with AWS Professionals and APN Partners

AWS Application Discovery Service is available through engagements with AWS Professional Services or through APN Consulting Partners such as CloudRanger.

Determining Your Dependencies

In some cases, enterprise applications may have been developed over a long period of time and the original developers may not still be in employment with the company and as such may have lost the knowledge of some of the key dependencies not to mention that dependencies can be difficult to identify at scale. AWS Application Discovery Service helps to solve these problems by determining these dependencies and then drawing up a performance profile indicating exactly what resources will be required in terms of software, networking and infrastructure. This information is then stored in an AWS database and can be accessed by customers on site in XML format or CSV files.

The service is available through AWS professional service or through the AWS Partner Network. The service itself is not a fully automated migration handling tool however and will likely be used as a pre-cursor to the actual migration itself which will possibly be carried out by one of the AWS migration partners.

In years gone, by many of the customers adopting the public cloud model were start-ups or and smaller businesses that were using AWS as a platform to create their products however in recent times we are seeing more and more enterprise adopting the public cloud model due to the benefits that it provides in terms of true elastic capacity and the ability to focus on building services rather than building servers. AWS now have a suite of tools available aimed at making Enterprise customers more comfortable with cloud migration and moving on-premises workloads to the cloud.

Long term vision

Tools like AWS Application Discovery Service are another step in Amazon’s long-term vision of moving from the on-premises or hybrid solution to complete cloud-based adoption. Legacy Enterprise players can now successfully adjust to the new opportunities that cloud presents with ease.

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