Amazon Dynamo DB now has Auto-Scaling by default!

DynamoDB auto scaling

There are a huge number of AWS customers who use and depend on Amazon DynamoDB for persistent performance for their serverless applications. Amazon DynamoDB has a provisioned capacity model. Customers must set the amount of write and read operations that are required for their application. 

The introduction of auto-scaling helps to automate capacity management for tables and indexes on Amazon DynamoDB. When using auto-scaling customers can state upper and lower bands for read and write capacity. After bands have been set by the customer, DynamoDB will work with CloudWatch, another Amazon service, to monitor and modify capacity when appropriate.

What does auto-scaling mean for Amazon DynamoDB Users?

Now that Amazon has added the auto-scaling feature this makes it much easier for AWS customers as they no longer need to provision capacity.

Automatic Provisioning for application traffic levels

You can enable auto-scaling for existing tables and indexes using DynamoDB through the AWS management console or through the command line. However, when making new DynamoDB tables and indexes auto scaling is turned on by default. If an Amazon user does not wish to use auto-scaling they must uncheck the auto-scaling option when setting up.

Reduction in costs

The introduction of auto-scaling will reduce your DynamoDB billing. Auto-Scaling will reduce your DynamoDB expenditure as capacity will not be over-provisioned. Users will be billed for their usage of CloudWatch which sends them alerts in the change of provisioning.

How to use auto-scaling

All newly created databases, tables and indexes will have auto scaling included by default. If a user does not want auto-scaling, they must uncheck the auto-scaling check box on set up. Auto Scaling can also be enabled for existing tables and indexes on DynamoDB. It can be enabled using the AWS management console, on the AWS command line or using AWS SDKs (Software Development Kits).

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