We are an international team of coders, designers, supporters and above all else, we are passionate about making the cloud accessible to anyone.

The CloudRanger team was assembled by Founder and CEO, Dave Gildea.  We started in the cloud helping companies migrate to AWS, and we could see the same struggles for every company.

Our work with companies across the globe led us to believe that there was an easier way to help companies understand the cloud, and take the complexity out of cloud integration.

Our core belief is that a company that understands the cloud will be successful on the cloud.

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CloudRanger started as task management – making tasks easier, with a simple solution to create tasks to help control the cloud – and the responses were overwhelming.

Clients loved having the ability to work within a simple interface to manage their cloud in a clear and straightforward way. At that point, our team had grown to a dozen developers, and project managers.

But we pushed on to create an even more clear and visual way for clients to manage their cloud. We love working every day with our customers to find out where the complexities are keeping them from achieving cloud success.  


The cloud is amazing. It is transforming every aspect of our lives, helping creative companies grow, bringing people together from across the globe, and allowing anyone to achieve their dreams.

Assisting companies with a dream is our dream. Everyone with an idea and drive, from a single idea, to an entrepreneur, to a large-scale organization, we are so grateful to be a part of the cutting edge of the cloud, and to be a partner that our companies can rely on.

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We have offices in Chicago, USA and in Letterkenny, Ireland.  We are a team with a goal – to make the cloud accessible to anyone who wants it.

We are from Dublin, Chicago, London, Belgium, and Scotland.  

We use the cloud to communicate face-to-face every day, even though an ocean separates us. We sketch ideas together online, we collaborate on ideas over the cloud, and we fly on airplanes to see each other as often as possible.  

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