February 2017

Cross Region Backups Available For AWS With CloudRanger

One of the main advantages of the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure is that it is readily available across the globe. The widespread network of AWS data centers are divided into regions and availability zones, and this helps in achieving high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

So, we are excited to announce an enhancement to our CloudRanger AWS automated backup and scheduling solution, by allowing CloudRanger users to easily copy snapshots across AWS regions to support disaster recovery requirements.

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Amazon EBS Elastic Volumes Now Available!

In exciting news announced by Jeff Barr on his outstanding AWS Blog, Amazon Web Services have launched a new EBS feature called Elastic Volumes. In his latest blog, Jeff rightly highlights that, with the dynamic nature of business, block storage requirements can change. As our needs change over time, this creates the requirements to be able to modify existing volumes to add capacity or to change performance characteristics.

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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework from a Security Perspective

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a framework for best practices which will enable organisations to go from the traditional on-premises IT model to full adoption and integration of cloud services. This framework divides complex IT environments into specific areas of focus to make them more manageable and to enable organisations to develop a clear and concise migration strategy and to build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing.

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6 Amazing Reasons To Use Amazon RDS With Your Database Engine

In our previous blog post, we discussed ‘Which relational database engines does RDS support?’. We talked about the whole idea of Amazon RDS, is to allow you to move your relational databases to the cloud. In the second part of our blog discussing Amazon RDS, we are going to look at 6 amazing reasons to use Amazon RDS with your database engine.

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