April 2015

AWS 2015 Sydney Summit – Featured Speaker

Sydney Summit – Featured Speaker

Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales and Business Development, Amazon Web Services

Mike Clayville leads the global sales, professional services and training teams for Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this role, as a member of the AWS senior leadership team, he is responsible for providing strategic direction in the go to market strategy for AWS and helps the company shape it’s customer engagement strategy globally.

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Control Cloud Costs

Elasticity, or the ability to match compute demand to supply, is one of the fundamental properties of the cloud.  AWS Auto Scaling seamlessly adds or removes compute capacity over a bank of AWS EC2s.  However, if your company doesn’t use Auto Scaling and runs EC2 instances that aren’t needed 24/7, you can be throwing money away.  Instances that aren’t continuously performing some type of compute function, like hosting a website, should be shut down to save costs.

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Who’s who? Identity management a key to AWS security

Understanding security is essential for trusting any cloud service, and AWS is no exception. How is data secured in AWS? What are its rules, methods and models? What are the best practices? And which elements are the responsibility of the customer and which are handled by Amazon Web Services?

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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud features explained

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a pay-as-you-go cloud platform that includes compute power, storage and database services as its core components.  Users can select the CPU, memory, storage, networking capacity and access controls, OS, security and additional software needed to run a virtual computing environment.

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